EYE London Opticians

EYE London Opticians
About us

At EYE London our focus is on you. We are a local independent and have been providing professional optical services in the Hackney area since 2006. We carry a wide selection of frames to fit your personality, your appearance, and your lifestyle. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible while meeting your optical needs. The most important part of our business is you.

Most eye changes occur subtly over time and must be regularly monitored to protect your vision and prevent problems. The most important thing to know is that visual changes and degeneration often happen without ANY SYMPTOMS.

Your vision is crucial to learning, earning and enjoying life. We may take for granted good vision but, in fact, there are more areas in your brain dedicated to visual processing than all other senses combined. Our professional evaluation of your eyes always includes a discussion of your individual visual needs and concerns.

312 Mare Street, London E81EJ
Phone Number
020 8533 1188
Hackney Central
Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday 9.00 am – 6.00 pm Late night Wednesday
  • EYE London Opticians
  • EYE London Opticians
  • EYE London Opticians

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