Kristin Heimark Reign of Terror Continues Thanks To Bar Standards

Kristin Heimark

The Bar Standard Board finally responded to my complaint about Kristin Heimark, a Direct Access Barrister who is also with Holborn Chambers.  But what should be very concerning to people, especially anyone who finds themselves as a defendant in a criminal case, is Heimark also prosecutes for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).  I consider Kristin Heimark a very dangerous and disturbing person and I have good reason. My only hope now is that The Met Police will thoroughly investigate my complaint. However after years of dealing with this inept and racist institution, I’m very concerned about how they will handle this.  I have no faith in the Metropolitan Police.  I’m also aware her former partner was a police officer. They parted years ago.

BSB have decided to not take any action against Heimark, which doesn’t surprise me. This is a twisted complicated story, that sounds more like a Hollywood script than your garden variety complaint the BSB has ever had.  I have never been a client of hers, nor have we met.  We did however exchanged DM’s and emails between 2010 and 2018. She followed this blog when it was a proper community website along with my Duchess blog.  More about that later.

What concerns me is that although I was not made aware by BSB of their decision until 4th May, Heimark decided to post their findings on Twitter on 2nd May. It was posted by @KathrynGL51 which I suspect to be connected to Kristin Heimark and Stephen Halliday aka Stephanie Hayden. More about them later.

Here are the tweets from “Kathryn”

No Heimark. They don’t love you. It’s too much work for them. They have encouraged me to continue with my police complaint. Now, if I’m successful and you are charged, they will have no other option but to investigate you. Once charged or convicted, YOU WILL be disbarred.  You know that.
Emails from BSB that was emailed 2 days after Kristin Heimark was notified.  I mean who else would know about the outcome.  Is @KathrynGL51 a BSB employee or is it a Heimark sock account? I always suspected it to be connected to Stephanie Hayden. Again I will cover that in another blog post this week.

As you can see from the screenshot email they sent me, it was sent 2 days after Heimark tweeted about the outcome. Who’s rug is Heimark munching at BSB or are always this lazy?


I was limited to the amount of attachments I could submit to the BSB website and they never spoke to me.  I thought I would be able to send them more info.

A taunting tweet sent to me by Heimark, 18 months before I figured who my anonymous harasser was.

This is part one of a series.  I will continue with another post about the horrors Kristin Heimark has unleashed not just on me but others. It’s way too long for one blog post.


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