Hackney Police, CPS, Amanda Straughan and Murdered my Mother

The relentless harassment killed her

My late beautiful mother with my father attending a function at the Nigerian High Commission in London where my dad, a Lt. Commander in the Navy, served as Deputy Defence Adviser/ Naval Attaché circa 1970-1973

My beloved mother died in September.  She died because of the constant harassment I received from Amanda Straughan (founder of Lilly’s Legacy Cat Rescue), CPS (Crown Prosecution) and Hackney Police.

Over the past three years I have written on this blog extensively about my ongoing issues with Amanda Straughan and the institutionally racist justice system.

Hours before my mum collapsed,  she called me several times very upset about my upcoming court hearing, brought on by the spurious complaints of Straughan, a so called cat rescuer and the person behind Lilly’s Legacy. It bothered and angered mum and this particular day she called as she always did, to check on me, her eldest child.  She knew the toll it was taking on me, both physically and mentally.

Straughan, Hackney Police and the CPS killed my mother.  I declare war. They murdered the most important person in my life.

I miss my mum so much.

Mum was a healthy 85 year old.  I thought we would have her for at best another 10 years.  She never drank (the wine glass in the photo probably had Shwepps bitter lemon), smoked or ever used narcotics. She was a health freak who stopped eating meat or chicken over 30 years ago. I’ll tell you how she died later and give an insight into this very special woman.

I was arrested yet again yesterday, Saturday 27, late afternoon. The custody sergeant had the good sense to realise the new police report Amanda Straughan had filed in August, did not merit an arrest and I was cut loose. However this was not before we made a pitstop at Homerton hospital for chest pains and nausea I was experiencing during my arrest at my home. I was there for close to six hours waiting and being treated.  Was discharged soon after midnight. 6 hours which consisted of five officers (shift change) having to guard me. Using up valuable emergency, community time and resources.  That’s Hackney police for you. A middle aged Black woman who suffers from chronic fatigue and is of no danger to anyone, is over criminalised by a racist justice system that allows a vindictive, jealous, nasty work shy benefit cheat to weaponise her white girls tears against a Black woman, knowing the patriarchal soldiers will back her.


Mum (left) and her older sister in Portugal on a family vacation in the late 1980’s

Right now I am exhausted as I have been awake for 24 hours. I’ll be back to complete this post and tell you more about the woman I was lucky have as a mother.  She is irreplaceable and I miss her so much it hurts.  I will also give more details of the continuing harassment from Straughan and Hackney Police.


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