Barrister Kristin Heimark 30 Month Reign of Terror

For the past 7 months I have hinted at who my online tormentor has been.  I can now confirm the person who has caused me insurmountable mental pain and fear, is Kristin Heimark.

Heimark is an unlikely suspect to such a heinous thing, and I had periods when I even doubted my judgement.  I had never had a crossword with her so why would she conduct such a hateful campaign against me?

Heimark is an American, USN (United States Navy) Veteran turned Stoke Newington based, direct access Barrister, whom I have been familiar with for 11 years.

The featured image for this blog post is one of the hundreds of tweets, Ms Heimark has directed at me over her 30 month blitz.

The trolling and abuse stopped in March 2021, after I confronted her, making it known I knew who she.

I will write more about the hell I’ve been through, later in the week.

Until then, please check out #trollbarrister on twitter for some of her tweets over the years.

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