The Result of Straughan’s Weaponising White Girls Tears

Last year I received a barrage of abusive messages from two deranged poor excuses for men, that were most likely linked to what Amanda Straughan has said about me on line. They made mention of my arrest and suspended sentence, while they wished death on me, even encouraging death by fire.

It all started after a tongue-in-cheek comment I made regarding the up coming “Brexit day”. It was on a Facebook group for the Stoke Newington area, which is a bastion of lefties.

The only reason I contacted Hackney Police, is because I wanted it on record. When I spoke to the officer who interviewed me, I told him I didn’t want to press charges. Whether they would have been charged is another issue, but at that point I didn’t want to see the inside of a court house again, nor be involved with any criminal case. I put on my big girl knickers and dusted the incident off.

If I had decided to press charges, I wonder if CPS would have charged them? The following are Facebook messages sent to me, wishing me death and deportation which could be considered racist.

My point is I was able to brush these messages off and not waste police or the courts time and resources. I have never sent Amanda Straughan threatening messages, nor anything to cause alarm and distress, yet I have been criminalised and portrayed by the justice system as a dangerous monster, all because a cunning White woman, weaponised her White girls tears.

I work very hard and have built a business I’m proud of, but these constant police reports and    dealing with the justice system, is taking its toll.  It’s affected every facet of my life and I am exhausted.  I am a very strong woman who has endured, done and seen things that would make most your toes curl. I sweat the big things and not petty things like Straughan.

I owned and ran escort services in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Texas, for over a decade, have been held captive at gun point by a mentally unstable drugged out now deceased famous Hollywood director.  I shot a man in my home (in Texas) because I wasn’t about to become a victim. He lived,  but now has a limp that will remind him of me for the rest of his life.  Had I not shot him, I would have been raped or killed.  Other than at a shooting range with an instructor, I’d never discharged a gun and got rid of it soon after. It was quite traumatising.

I’m not your garden variety broad. I live by my own rules which can be perilous and I’ve often paid the price.  Come at me with something big, not some fucking punk ass tweet that a mentally unstable woman claims she found threatening.  She has no fucking idea what threatening is.

Amanda Straughan is a very jealous and dangerous person.  Wait till you read the angry unhinged WhatsApp message she sent me.  She hasn’t worked in years and claims every benefit she can. She’s got way too much spare time on her hands.

I hope this and especially the blog post before this, has gone some way to put my side to those who have heard only one side of what has become a nightmare to me and a game for Straughan, because she has been emboldened by a system that criminalises Black people.

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Remi Hackney Hive founder, publisher and contributor. Hackneyite and all round Girl Friday who couldn't wait to leave Hackney and London behind her. After hitching her wagon in California, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana for 18 years, with a brief spell in Mexico, the prodigal daughter returned to London, happy to put an unconventional and risqué past behind her. It sometimes feels like she’s still at war with herself. This often leads her into a whole lot of trouble, although it’s fair to blame it on some of her best qualities: intelligence, original thinking, willingness to take risks, skepticism, rebelliousness, independence, and creativity. But you know what, much of the trouble she gets into is because she can’t help pointing out that the emperor is naked. Remi still lives by her own rules, nobody else’s. She is owned by her two dogs Deffer(a Jack Russell ) Darcy (a Jack Russell/Pomeranian mix now deceased but can’t remove their names) and two Black cats she adopted December 2021, Desmond and Tutu. She is proprietor of London’s finest and long established pet sitting service. The big smoke is home for the moment, but she desperately yearns wide open spaces, where she hopes to call home in the near future.


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