Stop Amanda Straughan and CPS from Dehumanising and Criminalising Me

Britain’s systemic racism runs deep and can be found on all levels including our justice system and police force.  Frightening and traumatic is how I describe my interactions with them and I can’t stress how exhausted I am of these petty charges, brought on by a white  woman who hasn’t been gainfully employed in close to a decade, but knows how to manipulate the welfare and justice system.

Straughans latest claim is she has seen several tweets by me relating to her, that has caused she and her son alarm and distress.  While the tweets she has pointed out doesn’t mention her, she assumes they do and have been tweeted to distress her.  I blocked Amanda Straughan from viewing my tweets 3 years ago,  so she is unable to view any of my tweets unless she’s gone out of her way to create another account. In other words she’s sought out material she now claims has been detrimental to her  mental health. That’s like watching a whole night of porn movies then claiming how disgusted it made you feel.

Generally I wouldn’t give two hoots of what people think, but this is the Internet and for a person like me that owns a business based on trust, it’s very important harmful and disingenuous information is not out there. Not only do my staff and I hold on to keys of clients homes, they entrust us to enter their homes to care for their pets. Our clients are like minded and like me, consider our pets family.

I’m not just dispelling false information, I’m proving how race and White privilege has criminalised me and caused a lot of emotional distress to me, which has affected my everyday life.

These WhatsApp messages will show Amanda Straughan is not the scared victim of a “crime” “perpetrated” by me, a Black woman who is thought of as the aggressor by the police and justice system when the complainant/victim is a white woman. Please read previous posts if not familiar with my saga.

You will notice in the following messages, how she went from “concerned friend” to hateful person I knew she was, which is why I distanced myself from her months before. She had tried several times to contact me after I was released following my arrest. I ignored her phone messages. When she realised I wasn’t falling for her bull shit, she turned Old Testament on me.

Notice below how she switched to her true persona.  This was regarding my first arrest that started the whole nightmare in 2017. The charges were eventually dropped. More later about how Straughan came into the picture.  Someone in Hackney decided to name their new business,   The Hackney Hive.  I had been Hackney Hive for 8 years. Before it became my personal soapbox, it was a thriving local website with over 11,000 Twitter followers and an assortment of contributors, who covered everything from local politics to theatre reviews.

As a result of this blatant attempt to ride my coattails, I went ballistic on the person and was reported. Police were unable to serve me information as all they had was a     P O box address.  Straughan who lives close to me must have heard on the cat rescue online grapevine, there was a warrant for my arrest and decided to rat me out to police.   The officers who came to my home that Saturday, told me they received a report from someone, who mentioned a wanted person, was sitting out in her garden.  Amanda Straughan can see my front garden from her flat.

The reason I refused to open my front door to police is because I have a particular disdain for law enforcement. I didn’t want to be arrested on a weekend.  It was a Saturday morning and I didn’t relish spending the weekend in a cell, because I knew I’d have to wait until Monday for court. I also didn’t want to be separated from my dogs.

Straughans twisted mind saw it differently. 👇🏽

What businesses was she referring to? Why did she think I had anything to hide? Why would I be worried about anything on my computers? The only business I own is my pet sitting. I barely knew this bitch and never confided in her.

Remember until that day, I had never met Straughan. We were Internet buddies with a passion for animal welfare and rescue.  I donated to her rescue efforts and occasionally when she brought out her begging bowl. Bought her much needed items such as cat food and milk for kittens she was hand rearing, which were delivered to her  by Amazon. We would occasionally call each other to natter about mundane local stuff, yet I never considered her a friend. White people like Straughan, view Black people as inferior, which is why she didn’t think I was actually capable of owning and running a perfectly legitimate and respected company.

Contrary to Straughan’s demented claims in the following message, at no time did I cry while admitting to police I posted pictures on a porn site of  Denise  Rawls.

The woman conjures up things in her mind which I believe she actually believes is fact.  The “moonlight flint” she refers to is another example of how her mind works and how dangerous she can be. I’ll explain later how it was weaponised against me when falsely accused me of planning to flee Prosecution.  Most of all it proves she is not afraid nor does she live in fear of me.  I wouldn’t make this public if I was not frustrated, angry and affected by what has occurred as a result of her lies.

Remember her mentioning I was planning a “moonlight flint” which she concluded from a tweet to 11K Twitter followers on a HackneyHive account? She assumed it was me looking for somewhere to live!!!!  Why would I leave my secure home to rent a flat because I didn’t want police to find me? 🤷🏽‍♀️

The following emails are from a relocation consultant, who had approached me on behalf of her clients in New York, seeking a dog sitter and dog friendly apartment in Stoke Newington.

The WhatsApp messages from Straughan was sent in October 2017. In 2018 I made several references to the “snitch” meaning Straughan, on Twitter.  At some point I believe I actually named her, but I’ll have to check my court documents. None of my comments were violent or threatening, but they saw it as harassment.

An example is this photo I posted on Twitter. It was a selfie I took in my car and tweeted. I made no mention of her, yet she presented it to police as me “harassing” her because my sunglasses reflected the block of flats she lived in!!!!!? I can assure you that tweet was not aimed at her or mentioned her.

It never crossed my mind my sunglasses would reflect her building. Looking at it after she submitted it as evidence, I can’t distinguish her building. But it indicates how petty and vindictive she is. It also shows the length institutions such as the police and CPS will go to protect liars like her, when a Black defendant is involved.   This is how your tax money is spent.

The next screenshot is from Amazon. I was excited about a delivery I was expecting and posted it on Twitter. However, to avoid my actual location showing, I moved the map a bit to show a few streets away from me. Amanda Straughan claimed I was harassing her and her teenage son who at the time was attending a nearby school. I had no idea the little blue mark was his school!!! Apparently that’s how landmarks appear on Amazon maps. There was no text to indicate it was a school or which one.

Now this meme below I admit was directed at Straughan, my acknowledging she was a police snitch.  But it was just a meme taken from google. It wasn’t meant to be a threat to her or her son. She however latched on to it. Straughan is street smart, she knows better.

Remember the WhatsApp message she stated she felt I had a lot to hide? Mentioned I thought the police had a warrant to search for and seize my computer and other electronic devices? Straughan in her unhinged anger and jealousy also mentioned I was afraid police would find details of my “illegal activities”. These messages were sent to me after I refused to speak with her after I distanced myself from her in late 2017.

Fast forward to January 2nd 2019, my home was raided and Hackney police had a warrant to seize my laptops and all electronic devices.  It was also the day I was arrested for “harassing” Straughan.

There was no need to seize my electronic devices. They had all the evidence they needed, which were tweets, Straughan screenshot, which ultimately ended up with the CPS. It appears she (Amanda Straughan’s) in an effort to speed up my arrest, she resorted to repeating the exact accusations she sent me in the messages below.

It clearly shows her devious and nasty personality. Straughan gets away with it because she’s emboldened by police and CPS, who feel she needs to be protected and I need to be punished. As a white woman she has that privilege. Remember she is claiming she’s been too terrified to leave her home and hasn’t been able to go on her balcony or open her kitchen blinds, in case she sees me. I live on next road for heaven sakes and in the five years I’ve lived here, I have never once bumped into her on the streets, parks or shops. Besides, I’m literally a fvcking cripple, who also suffers from chronic pain!!!!

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, Ananda Straughan has the constitution of an ox. She’s a racist putting on an act, knowing because I’m a Black woman, she’s aware she will be believed over me. She knows I will be seen as the aggressor, because we are seen as aggressive.

I should be able to talk about my trauma, about a criminal court case brought on by a two bit piece of trash who has tried to ruin my life.  She’s a vindictive busy body who’s enjoying the power she’s has been able to wield over my life via police and CPS. The same bastards, based on her word set my bail with tough conditions In 2019, such as not being able to  live in my home or enter the N16 post code for 5 months.  You think they would have done that to a white woman????? Fuck all of them I’ve had it.

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