Jim Crow Style Racist Justice in Britain

Sick and tired of being dehumanised.

British Justice today lynches and over criminalizes Black women like me.

It appears the British Justice system believes, white women rights supersede that of Black women’s. Our basic human rights, even our mental health.  Knowing this, there are some white women like Amanda Straughan who will take full advantage of their white privilege.  They do so by weaponising their white girls tears against Black women like me, knowing their white patriarchal soldiers will believe their racist lies and back them up.

I have spent the past two years explaining and defending myself to everyone, including clients and potential clients who have been fed lies by Straughan and others in her camp.  Being the spiteful and and unbalanced person she is, she was not satisfied with the price I had to pay  in 2019 and has continued reporting me to the police for harassing her and her son.  I’ve never met this son, never threatened any of them and couldn’t give two hoots. She’s a depressive, I’m positive, humorous and out going.  I’d take a bullet to my head before having to speak to her.

I can’t stress enough what little interest I have in Straughan. I just want this vengeful racist and pathological liar to disappear.  She is still on a quest to destroy my life and will only stop if I lose my home, my business and all I hold dear.

Within weeks of my trial ending in 2019, she filed yet another police report, claiming I had continued to cause her alarm and distress via Twitter.  Since that first police statement, she has added to it three times.  I blocked her 3 years ago from viewing my Twitter accounts, yet she has gone out of her way to view my tweets by creating a different account, then gone running to police complaining of me causing her alarm and distress. The bitch has caused her own alarm and distress. She claims she found my tweets while she was looking for local news using #hackney. IMPOSSIBLE! It’s not physically or technically possible to view ANY tweets from any Twitter account you have  been blocked from. 

As you can see from her statements, she constantly feels she’s in mortal danger.  She finds me so traumatising that she hasn’t opened her kitchen blinds in years and is too afraid to go on her balcony in case she sees me. I’ve lived in my home for over 5 years and have never bumped into her. She lives (or lived – not sure if her eviction went through) on the next street from me and although I can see her building when I leave the confines of my front garden , I couldn’t tell you which window is for which room, nor do I know what floor she lives on. I don’t care. 

I have never been to Straughan’s home nor have the desire to.  I met her once for a few seconds, while I was being arrested in Oct 2017 as she stood outside my home watching.

At both my trials Straughan requested she have a screen surround her, so that I couldn’t see her. The prosecutor with a straight face, said Straughan had made efforts to change her appearance. This is an unemployed woman. Does NHS offer free plastic surgery to work shy grifters?  Another time at an appeal hearing Snaresbrook Crown Court, i went into the wrong building and was directed to the correct building. Unbeknownst to me, she saw me and was “traumatised” at my appearance.  This was relayed to me by my Barrister later that day. I didn’t see Amanda Straughan,  yet again another attempt to dehumanise me. It’s exhausting. I’m exhausted. I’m tired of constantly having to defend myself, to proving myself and being heard because of systemic, institutional and bias unconscious racism within our justice system.

Straughan has the constitution of an ox and is not the fragile scared victim she portrays herself to be. I believe she has serious mental issues, which some of you in the cat rescue community have confirmed, some of you warned me about her long before she showed her true colours.  I’m writing this out of frustration and anger because the Crown Prosecution service and Hackney police have emboldened her to continue terrorising me. But she’s not my only terroriser.

It took me over two years to figure out who Straughan’s tag team trolling partner is. I kept it to myself for 6 months as I had to be 100% sure and even when I was, I doubted myself. She was the last person I expected to troll me. In 10 years of knowing her online and never exchanging  cross words, the last person I expected to harass me so viciously was Kristin Heimark, who by all accounts is a respected Barrister in London. Straughan is not scared of me, but I’ll tell you what is scary.  It’s having  an anonymous person tweeting you, them knowing where you live, threatening your livelihood for 2 1/2 years. At least now I know who’s behind it.

Heimark has been reported to Bar Standards Board, who have yet to respond to me. I have also attempted to update a police report since realising Heimark’s involvement. No response. Here is some of both Straughan and Heimark’s  trolling tweets, but let’s start with Amanda Straughan’s email. She included my address which I have removed. Oddly she didn’t send from her regular email but one similar to the name of a Twitter troll account, will be posted after the emails.


When I tried to respond to her last email, she had deleted the email address:

The following are tweets I believe are from Kristin Heimark. You will notice one that contains threats to write bad reviews on my business, which she went through with several times.  There more threatening bad review tweets I’ll be posting.  Some of Amanda Straughan’s tweets have been published on this blog if you wish to dig for them. They’re easily distinguishable from Heimark’s. I highly  doubt Heimark ever revealed her true identity to Straughan, but Straughan fed her information about me and my case. Besides, being both a defence and prosecuting Barrister, I’m sure she had access to some of my information. This does not give me a lot of confidence in our legal system.

These are just a handful of over 100 harassing and threatening tweets.  For the record, both of them have left malicious reviews on various review sites. Most have been removed.

These are more recent tweets below.

Heimark may have forgotten to switch back to her non troll account when she responded to Kevin Sadler.  She’s very vocal and critical about covid safety in courts. Little things like this tweet confirmed her identity. I’ll explain more another time.

What angers and hurts most is the fact that someone as inconsequential as Straughan, is allowed so much leverage over me that appears to be sanctioned by police and CPS.  It  fcking stops NOW!!! Stop soothing this woman’s ego and wiping her ass.

In 2019 , the day after my trial, I was in my front garden when Hackney police swooped in and arrested me, while she probably watched from her balcony. She claimed she saw and heard me threaten to kill her. As a result, I was charged with intimidating a witness and harassment, held on remand for 4 weeks until I was granted bail after my third attempt. However, bail conditions prohibited me from living in my home or entering the N16 post code. I was not allowed to enter Stoke Newington all because Straughan yet again weaponised her white woman’s tears and lies against me.

Me? A Black female in her 5th decade. A fucking cripple. Yet this white woman claims she fears what I may do to her. Given the chance she’s more than capable of kicking my ass. She also claimed there were 2 Black men following at my order, whenever she left her flat!!! The CPS bought the lies, because to them a Black woman like me, is viewed as aggressive and loud.  Not assertive, confident outspoken and bold. I was deemed a danger to this woman, whom I have NEVER threatened.

I only know her online through my now suspended hackneyhive Twitter account (Which she and Heimark had a hand in having it suspended) and local pet community on social media.  I helped her out when she held out her begging bowl for donations for her rescue and would offer to order her much needed cat food and other stuff she required for her 20 plus rescue cats she had in her flat.  She now claims she’s unable to pick up her life and return to cat rescuing because of the “trauma” I have caused her and her son. Please read her police report at top of page.

Please don’t believe what you may have heard. Straughan is a tough east London broad, who can hold her own. I assume the reason she uses me as an excuse for not resuming her rescue, is for sympathy and because DWP were alerted. Anyone with all the disabilities she claims she has and as such can not work, it’s…er surprising she is able to run a 24 hour cat rescue from her flat. Looking after 20 plus cats, including hand rearing, running all over town at all hours of the day and night, isn’t an easy feat if you are disabled as she claimed to the DWP and even on her cat rescue page. I’m not one who seeks sympathy. It embarrasses me and I don’t like a fuss made over me. Unlike Straughan I won’t go into details of the impact this vendetta and harassment by not just Straughan, but CPS and Hackney police has had on my physical and mental health.

This constant racist dehumanising, harassing and criminalising of me, needs to end NOW.  Systemic and bias unconscious racism means Hackney Police and CPS doesn’t consider my mental health they way they consider hers, which they believe I have damaged.  I’m a Black woman so they see an aggressive monster, unlike the delicate white woman they see Straughan as.

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