James Watterson – Cry baby

James Watterson has since removed that review and has replaced it with another vindictive missive (I wouldn’t call it a review) using a fake name Martin Trent.

Wannabe actor James Watterson booked Christmas cat sitting yesterday,  Tuesday.  He registered and booked on line.  I approved it, assigned a cat sitter and sent a confirmation. This morning he emailed to cancel, which was no problem, but before I could get to cancelling it, he popped up on chat to make the cancellation request.  He also  wanted his account deleted, again no big deal. People cancel all the time.

After I cancelled his booking, I asked why he was cancelling and why he wanted his account deleted. I asked because most people who cancel, usually leave their account intact as they return to book when they need us. Maybe because it was in chat he took the questions the wrong way.

His reason was entirely different from what he  mentioned in email and I appeared to have rattled him.

Within minutes he posted a nasty vindictive angry likkle white boy google review. This is my response to it. He has since replaced it with a different one, this time using a fake name.

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