Stoke Newington We Have A Problem

Death threats, White privilege, bullying, police apathy and racism.

White privilege and racism is alive amongst genteel white middle class Stoke Newington folks. I first experienced it 7/8 years ago when this blog was at its height and I’ll touch on that another day. 

What started as a banal post on a Facebook community group page for Stoke Newington, to elicit a laugh or two, has confirmed my belief of the state of todays Labour Party.  Antisemites, racists and bullies. Being the first time I’d engaged with fervent Labour Party supporters online, I was shocked at how dangerously vile, chilling and unhinged there responses were. Until two days ago I had only seen this sort of behaviour directed at others. However of the responses I received, none were as disturbing as those from Simon Lebeau, Ryan Leslie Woodman and Tom Rooke. I will post Tom Rooks missive, in next 24 hours.

Initially the post was taken in good humour with close to 40 laugh likes emoji. For those not aware, Stoke Newington, Hackney, is and has been staunchly Labour since 1950. Diane Abbott has been our MP since 1987. As you can imagine, Friday will not be a happy day for remainers, Hackney’s purists and Labour supporters in Hackney.

There were good natured messages from Brexiteers and remainers and a few hostile ones, then it turned dark, when Simon Lebeau a Labour Party supporter began hurling abuse at me. They included the wishing me deportation. I chalk this up to him recognising my non Anglo names. This blog post will detail Simon Lebeau and his partner Ryan Leslie Woodman. My next blog post will be about threats to hurt my business from some time actor, Tom Rooke.

Then they got worse. Not satisfied with telling me to go back where I come from, this time wishing me death.  FYI, I was born in North London.

The first message is from Simon Lebeau. The second from his partner.

 His partner Ryan Woodman, then gave his tuppence worth, wishing me death also. There were other unhinged messages from both of them, that leads me to believe they are on drugs or are seriously disturbed. These aren’t all their messages and I will post more in the next few days. They and others weren’t happy


The deluded idiot, even claims I’m somebody else using someone’s name?


Simon Lebeau (left) and his partner Ryan Leslie Woodman (right). Ryan flips burgers at 5 Guys. I’d worry about him spitting in customers food.

I have published their photos and messages, because I don’t feel that I can count on the police in Hackney for protection after what they did to me last year.  If you are Black you don’t matter. You are not believed.

My message to Hackney Police

Last year you chose to believe the word of a pathological liar and someone who bragged about having many friends in your department. You and a racist justice system will always protect a white woman before a Black woman and especially one as gobby as me.

By giving this woman and other fantasists refuge, you have created a monster, as they know they can get away with anything. If you recall, I wasn’t allowed to live in my home for 4 1/2 months last year, leading up to my trial. This after I was charged with intimidating a witness. That charge was dropped, but not until the day of my trial. That was 4 1/2 months, of not living in my home or allowed into fcking Stoke Newington!!!!! All because  a White woman who plays the perpetual victim told you (police), I was going to kill her.

When and where did this take place? She claimed I yelled at her from my front garden. She claimed she could see me looking up at her and gesturing from outside my garden, despite living on a different street. I have screen shots on this blog, from her, few years prior, Stating that she could not see me in my garden from her flat. You know the rest of the story, it’s documented on this website. I was perceived as dangerous because of the conscious and unconscious bias within your justice system, including the CPS.

So I’m telling you, if any of these men or their associates show up at my door, there will be hell. I know I can’t count on you to get to me on time and I will be forced to protect myself, any which way I can. I’m ready to do that.

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  1. Two very unfortunate looking people 😂. In all seriousness, report the two flabbies.

    Comment by Flab buster on 04/02/2020 at 5:37 am

  2. Done. Let’s see what happens.

    Comment by Remi on 10/02/2020 at 11:18 am

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