Remi’s Statement Regarding Amanda Straughans Recent Post

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Evil comes in many forms. Even as a smiley pleasant cat lovin’ lady who fancies herself as the Mother Theresa of cats.

As some of you are aware, I have been dogged with legal problems of the criminal type for the past two years. One of my charges was dropped in January and the other, I was tried for recently in the case of Anna Edwards (friend of Straughan) and  found not guilty on 3 counts, but guilty on one. I guess the jury saw through her and realised she was a lying thief and deadbeat.

Telling Edwards  to go perform a particular sex act on a dead person was a bit much for decent folk to handle and they found it grossly offensive. Can’t say I blame them.

Some of you on social media who have seen comments left by one of my accusers (there were originally 3) regarding her case, my conviction and subsequent incarceration may wonder what it was all about. I Will explain another time. For the time being, I have to be very careful as it is pending appeal and she is very much playing the terrified victim who fears for her life.

*I was on remand because the day after I was found guilty by an irate, frigid racist bitch of a magistrate, who bailed me to appear two weeks later , I was arrested in my front garden. You can read more below*.

As I predicted on social media before the trial, I knew she would pull out the tears and ailments she now “suffers” from, due to my “harassment”. She is constantly monitoring my posts and reporting me to twitter, facebook and Hackney police. Straughan would like to see nothing better than for me to lose my liberty and my business. When she made her announcement on her facebook page, she made sure she named all my social media monikers for my pet sitting websites, for the full effect. London Cat Sitting Company didn’t harm her, yet she took delight in making sure everyone knew. She even posted it on my London Cat Sitting Company’s Facebook. I wasn’t able to respond as I was incarcerated. Luckily my friends took screenshots and sent them to my lawyer.

I will post all the twitter messages I posted including those used as evidence. I will also explain why I sent them in my next post.

Straughan has the constitution of an ox, she is nobodies fool and can give as good as she gets, which is very evident from the taunting and nasty tweets and WhatsApp messages she sent me. She loves the attention this incident brings her and is milking it in the form of pity and donations.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the choice of taking this particular case to crown court or a jury trial and had to make do with a lay magistrate who took an instant dislike to me. I guess arriving over 2 hours late, live tweeting my trial, refusing to remove my sunglasses (prescription lenses) and throwing a few hissy fits, didn’t do me any favor’s. C’est la vie. I was found guilty of harassment.

Before giving her evidence, Amanda Straughan asked to be hidden from me and the court obliged. The prosecutor, (with a straight face?), said she (Amanda Straughan) was in fear of me and had taken steps to change her appearance!!!!!!! Seriously????? Plastic surgery? Has the NHS started to perform plastic surgery for the chronically unemployed? The goddamn woman lives on the next street from me. We both can see our respective buildings and very likely to bump into each other locally. I am appealing that conviction.

The following day, while on bail awaiting my sentencing, I was arrested in my front garden while tiding up, listening to music and enjoying a few glasses of wine. My crime? Straughan had again called Hackney police, this time telling them I had threatened to kill her and called her a “white bitch”. As a result, I was arrested for breaching my bail, which prohibited me from contacting her.

What I was doing, was singing along to the very loud music I was playing in my front garden, which was Tupac, Snoop, Eminem, Biggie and other hip hop artists. Every other word is profanity.

This also led to new charges of intimidating a witness and some racially aggravated offence. I have plead not guilty and trial will be in August. You are all cordially invited.
I was refused bail and held on remand. As a result my sentence for the first case was a custodial one for 6 weeks, instead of a community order or probation. This meant me completing 3 weeks. Had I not been refused bail twice for breaching bail, I would have been released on 21 April.

On Friday I was granted conditional bail and very grateful to the judge, my barrister and long suffering solicitor. However, I am very worried Straughan, will do all she can to make my life hell, by  making more bogus claims to the police. It is a very scary time for me.

My Family and my staff of London Cat Sitting Company have been amazing.. It’s been a very chaotic 2 months, in which I have put my family and staff through hell and uncertainty. I also apologise to clients new and old whom this affected and will be making up for the inconvenience some of you experienced.

I can’t thank Moira enough for stepping up and taking on some of my duties. Beth and Heather, my two cat sitters in the SE1 and SE16 area, you do realise how special you guys are? So many of you have been so loyal and understanding. A few, well…not so…but your loss. Don’t let the door hit ya on your way out.

I feel so guilty for putting my mum, brother and sister through hell, yet again. It ain’t easy being related to me is it?

Stay tuned for some exciting promotions and freebies coming soon. I’m gagging to get cracking with business!




WhatsApp messages from Straughan from 2017 following my arrest regarding Denise Rawls. Rawls decided it was a good idea to name her business The Hackney Hive. You can find the blog post here. The charges were eventually dismissed, but before then, at some point I’d had enough and didn’t attend court, which led to a Warrant being issued. The courts and police had only my business mailing address and not my home, however Amanda Straughan lives nearby and can see my building from every window in her flat.  She was the one who grassed me up. She denies it.

The following emails clearly shows what a sly, nasty piece of work she is. Unfortunately because I’m Black, police and CPS chose to portray me as the aggressor. That’s white privilege for you.

Amanda Straughan couldn’t and wouldn’t believe all I did was run the my pet sitting service. She’d never met me and her assumptions was drawn from social media and Hackney Hive. It’s very clear this woman held a degree of resentment towards me and felt she had to bring an uppity Black woman down a peg. However it’s not all about race. She’s done this to other people, white women, but unlike me they don’t want to create a scene or draw negative attention to their rescue work. I’m not part of any rescue group.

Why Amanda Straughan believed I was involved in something shady is beyond me, but I chalk it up to simple jealousy. She is unemployed and has been so for years. She must have conveyed her feelings to Hackney police who raided my home in January, following complaints from her about me harassing her. They seized all my electronic devices and arrested me, despite being arrested before and never bothering with my devices. This time they were triggered by her. As you will see in messages below, she clearly believed I had a lot to hide and other assumptions.  Some of these messages where sent to me after I refused to answer her phone calls upon my release from police custody because I didn’t want anything to do with her. She persisted leaving voicemails, then sent me these messages. Notice the venom? One moment she was concerned and adamant to prove I wrong about my accusations .

Here she is plotting to bring down Elzbieta Gorntaska who runs Stokey Cats and Dogs.




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6 Responses to "Remi’s Statement Regarding Amanda Straughans Recent Post"

  1. Remi I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry to hear this woman is making your life difficult. Chin up, all this will pass.

    Comment by Nadia on 28/06/2019 at 8:05 pm

  2. Remi is doing fine.

    Comment by Hackney Hive on 09/07/2019 at 1:50 pm

  3. Good to hear?

    Comment by Nadia on 03/11/2019 at 4:32 pm

  4. Reading these WhatsApp messages Amanda Straughan sent Remi is more than proof Amanda is a very nasty piece of work. She’s lucky she had the police on her side this time , but next time she may cross the wrong person.

    Comment by Nadia on 03/11/2019 at 4:38 pm

  5. I read where she mentioned the trauma she and her family went through. What trauma? I had dealings with Amanda about 3 years ago and let’s say she is not as innocent as she likes people to believe. Remi is right about her. She thrives on sympathy. I found her to be a depressive and unpleasant to be around. Put this behind you, you have so much going for you, compared to her.

    Comment by Mercy on 27/01/2020 at 9:11 pm

  6. I am so exhausted with these people. It’s all going to come to an end soon, it has to.

    Comment by Remi on 10/02/2020 at 12:14 pm

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