Racial Terrorism in Hackney by Met Police and CPS

Made Homeless by Hackney Police and CPS



When some white women decide that they feel upset, vindictive, envious or threatened, they know they can always call in the white patriarchal soldiers to back up their racist suspicions. They make those calls with the expectation that they will be believed and the Black person will be “put back in his or her place. After all, as a Black woman, I am seen as “aggressive, even violent” and not the assertive, strong, determined but also vulnerable woman I am. This white woman, Amanda Straughan along with the police and CPS, have banned me from not just my home, but entering the N16 post code!! I am in my 50’s, my home is adapted for my disability and I have spent a lot of money in improvements in the three years I have lived there. I am not a gang member nor have I ever put the people of N16 in danger. I do not have a violent record nor have I made any threats of violence towards my accuser, Amanda Straughan. I have never been to her home, even though I have been invited.

My name is Remi and I created this blog 9 years ago. I am also the owner of London Cat Sitting Company and Top Dawgs, two Stoke Newington based pet sitting services I launched 13 years  ago. I am also owned by two dogs, Deefer, a 14 year old Jack Russell and Darcy, a 12 year old Pomeranian and Jack Russell mix, who has been with me from the day she was born in my spare room. I adopted Deefer when he was  4 months old.

On Friday 17th May, I was released from Bronzefield Prison, where I had been on remand for 7 weeks following accusations of harassment by a woman I knew mainly from social media. A Hackney resident like me, she is also a pet lover who rescues cats and had often called on me to promote her on this blog and social media.  I also contributed financially when she put her begging bowl out. I have also bought much needed cat supplies she needed for the cats she kept in her flat, sometimes as many as 23 cats. We later realised we lived in close proximity of each other. Although we would talk on the phone and message, we didn’t meet until one Saturday in October 2017, for no more than a few seconds when she stood outside my home as I was being arrested due to her grassing me up to the police. I’ll explain later, but suffice to say, that case I was arrested for was later dismissed by the court.

Fast forward to Saturday, March 30th 2019, a day that found me happy as a lark and relieved my trial that involved Amanda Straughan was over, even though I was found guilty by the magistrate. It was just a relieve to have it over and done with.

The day after the trial I was tidying up my front garden, blaring loud music, singing and enjoying a very warm spring day with a few glasses of wine. The police arrived late afternoon and placed me under arrest immediately because they said Amanda Straughan had pointed out my anti-police tweets.  Straughan told them, she saw me  looking up at her yelling “I will kill you”  “white bitch” it ain’t over yet”. I did not say those things to her, but she may have gotten the idea from this tweet.

That afternoon I placed one of my Sonos speakers out in the garden, where after a while my old school hip hop/rap play list came on; Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, Eminem etc. As most of you are aware, some of their tracks are profanity laden and I’m quite sure words like bitch and snitch were used. And yes, a time or two I may have referred  to her as a snitch or bitch on Twitter. I sent maybe 10 tweets over 15 months, most didn’t have her name included. None contained anything threatening, even harassing.

They said I breached my bail by by contacting her!!!!!! Her building is approx 400 feet away from me and as you can see from this pic, the brick part is taller than me (I’m vertically challenged) Then there is the 2 feet of wood slant trellis I added to the wall last fall. Apparently she claims she saw me look up at her from that far???? I didn’t and I’d like to know what prove she has.

As a result of the breach of bail, I now have 2 new charges. Intimidating a witness (the trial was over) and racially aggravated order. Bail was denied and I was shipped to Bronzefield.

Well that’s odd. This is a WhatsApp message sent to me in Oct. 2017 before I added the trellis. So now that I have a taller wall she can see me???

This tweet mentions “it ain’t over”. Ya think she got the idea from. this?

The following are a series of tweets and Facebook posts Amanda Straughan has made before and after trial.


Let’s not kid ourselves, this is not about violence or physical abuse of any type. Nobody’s life is in danger. This is because a very calculating woman with white privilege has been able to manipulate the system, a racist Hackney police and an overzealous Crown Prosecution. I now find myself homeless, even though I have a home. My home is now unoccupied and can be burgled at any time, and we all know the Mets history on dealing with burglaries.

Straughan has the constitution of an ox, she’s nobodies fool. I have been chased out of my home based on the lies of a fraudster and fantasist, yet Straughan who is not the legal tenant of her flat is given protection by the courts and police? Me? I’m told I can not even enter N16. I can’t go to my doctor or the pharmacy my prescription is sent to on Church Street.  How can this be right?

Straughan lives in a flat that is owned by L and Q housing association group. For the past ten years, Housing Benefits have paid her rent. The legal tenant has been renting it to her, which is against the rules. Even more indicative of Straughan true character, is that she has been black mailing the legal tenant of the flat who has wanted her to vacate the flat for the past two years. If L&Q became aware, they would evict Straughan and her landlord would loose all her equity and the flat.

April of 2018 saw her taking her ‘evection’ plight to the Huffington Post who did a write up. A crowd fund was set up and she received close £2000 in donations. Over a year later she is still at the same address and the good folks who raised the money are none the wiser. Read the Huff Post piece on her “plight”

Unlike Straughan I work very hard. I own a business that has over 70 people on its pay roll and still hiring more people. I was hoping to go National next year. It’s not unusual for me to put in 7 days and this is with my mobility limitations and my depression, anxiety and PTSD. Fortunately I work from home, which means when the black dog of depression descends on me and I can not even leave my bed, I am still able to function and just about cope with admin. None of this is taken into consideration, yet Amanda Straughan regaled the court with all her fake and imaginary health conditions, (many  she claims were brought on by me) Something I predicted she would do, right here on Twitter.

Before the trial started, she requested a screen around her and the court obliged. The prosecutor, (with a straight face?), said she (Amanda Straughan) was in fear of me and had taken steps to change her appearance!!!!!!! Seriously????? Plastic surgery? Has the NHS started to perform plastic surgery for the chronically unemployed?  I was livid and I think I threw a bit of a wobbler, which didn’t endear me to the judge. The goddamn woman lives on the next street to me. We both can see our respective buildings and very likely to bump into each other locally. I am appealing that conviction. It was all part of her ploy to make her look vulnerable and in fear of Remi, the Black she-devil monster.

After 2 unsuccessful bail hearings, I was given bail last week. One of my bail conditions is to reside at my brothers home. That became unattainable no sooner I got there, I had to leave after 4 days.  He is also a heavy smoker and has cats.  I have 2 dogs  and I will not be parted from them again. I am not allowed to return to my home, my sanctuary where I feel safe, a place that helps me cope with my PTSD, depression and anxiety.all because a woman, Amanda Straughan, has convinced the police, her white patriarchal soldiers, that I am detrimental to her mental health, physical health and that of her sons. Nothing could be further from the truth, however she is a very vindictive calculating person and my local police (Stoke Newington Hackney) and the overzealous justice system I feel are giving me a rough time because I am a Black woman and also because over the past 8 years, I have been very critical about the police on my various blogs. I doubt these stringent bail conditions would have been applied to a white woman.

I want to be bailed to my home and nowhere else. I am currently under the care of the crisis team and my doctor and not coping too well. I need to be home.  If this blog post is all over the place, its, because my mind is like a ping pong ball.


Tweets like this was not introduced during my trial. This came from Amanda Straughan using a different moniker. She was outside my home when I was arrested in 2017. My mother was also outside my home, while police broke my door down. It took them almost 45 minutes.

I will post more taunting and threatening messages from Amanda Straughan later.  I need to get this published ASAP.


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Remi Hackney Hive founder, publisher and contributor. Hackneyite and all round Girl Friday who couldn't wait to leave Hackney and London behind her. After hitching her wagon in California, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana for 18 years, with a brief spell in Mexico, the prodigal daughter returned to London, happy to put an unconventional and risqué past behind her. It sometimes feels like she’s still at war with herself. This often leads her into a whole lot of trouble, although it’s fair to blame it on some of her best qualities: intelligence, original thinking, willingness to take risks, skepticism, rebelliousness, independence, and creativity. But you know what, much of the trouble she gets into is because she can’t help pointing out that the emperor is naked. Remi still lives by her own rules, nobody else’s. She is owned by her two dogs Deffer(a Jack Russell ) Darcy (a Jack Russell/Pomeranian mix now deceased but can’t remove their names) and two Black cats she adopted December 2021, Desmond and Tutu. She is proprietor of London’s finest and long established pet sitting service. The big smoke is home for the moment, but she desperately yearns wide open spaces, where she hopes to call home in the near future.


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  1. You are correct, they will always protect their own. You are Black and they will always see you as the aggressor. Keep the faith.✊?

    Comment by Nubian Knight on 12/07/2019 at 6:55 am

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