Fact From Fiction: Deconstructing Nick Yarris

How did Denise Rawls, Anna Marie Edwards, Gavin Redknap, Laura Yarris, Nick Yarris, Amanda Straughan and others, form an alliance in an attempt to destroy me?

More to follow.

Laura Yarris is in Her early 30’s ?

Another pic of a very dried up meth head Laura Yarris.

Laura Yarris calls me a dried out old hag? You Laura Yarris is the definition of a dried out hag.  I’m  in my mid 50’s and look younger than you. I’m also Black so don’t crack as easy as you. ?


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Remi Hackney Hive founder, publisher and contributor. Hackneyite and all round Girl Friday, who couldn't wait to leave Hackney and London behind her. After hitching her wagon in California, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana for 18 years, with a brief spell in Mexico, the prodigal daughter returned happy to put an unconventional and risqué past behind her. She is owned by her two dogs Deffer(a Jack Russell & Darcy a Jack Russell/Pomeranian mix) and runs a London based pet sitting business. The big smoke is home for the moment, but she desperately yearns wide open spaces, where she hopes to call home in the near future.


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9 Responses to "Fact From Fiction: Deconstructing Nick Yarris"

  1. Laura Yarris  05/11/2018 at 1:35 pm

    Remi. We came together because you attacked us all singularly and expected us to be bullied by you.
    You are a troll and a terrible writer.

  2. Laura Yarris  05/11/2018 at 1:36 pm

    Pathetic .

    Get a life and a real Job Remi.

  3. Remi
    Remi  06/11/2018 at 3:28 am

    I have a job, a real one and I LOVE IT!!!! Over 100 people depend on me for part of their income. I give retirees a chance to make supplementary income doing something they love. Other pet lovers have a great way of making extra income. Amazing clients who are able to go away frequently, with peace of mind knowing their pets are well looked after.

    You? When last have you worked? 2 children under 10 with no father meets a pycho former death row inmate who has gone on to rape and burn girl friends clothes. Always begging on internet for money and setting up fraudulent go fund me accounts. A man that can’t provide for himself let alone 2 kids aren’t his.

  4. Remi
    Remi  06/11/2018 at 10:54 am

    Oooh and I forgot to mention I own the goddarn company. Not real enough for you? A low life pig

  5. Remi
    Remi  06/11/2018 at 10:59 am

    Really, so Anna Marie Edwards the racist thieving liar NHS NURSE in Homerton, forged an alliance with others like you on social media to spread misinformation on me??? Oooh, this is turning out to be a good week,

  6. Laura Yarris  06/11/2018 at 2:19 pm

    You are an old dried up hag.
    You found my husband from his life story and asked to meet him, when he didnt want to you contacted his EX WIFE and started harassing him.
    Then you go as far as to accuse him of killing my daughter.
    My Husband is a good man, as anyone will see from social media and his books and documentary The Fear of 13…(Little plug)
    Regarding the other ladies that you stalk and harras, you get arrested each time and we dont???
    I had an ex employee of yours contact us because she was so upset with the way you treated her and wanted to know if it was illegal.
    You are mentally disturbed and should not be allowed to operate a business.
    Regarding the Rape, the girlfriend in question currently has the MET police looking at your many accounts and slanderous accusations.
    You see, you are a liar and you are now going to pay. And save me the ‘I own a ckmpany’… you organize people to watch Cats ??
    I own a company Remi, have done for years. It’s not hard. Especially when you are overweight and for obvious reasons dont go out much like yourself,
    You are a fraudster that cares about nobody but herself.
    Poor Anna owed you money so you posted her home address and private details online!!!
    And she was a client!!!
    Ava you just harassed about her daughters death, all these people arent friends of yours. We are strangers you picked off and now the psyche ward can deal with you.
    Anybody considering Using you professionally should know how strange and untrustworthy you really are.

  7. Laura Yarris  06/11/2018 at 2:20 pm

    Nobody forged an alliance.
    You were already harassing nick and Ana saw this when you started harassing her. She reached out or even vice versa I cant remember, but yes we spoke and she called police.
    You are vile.

  8. Remi
    Remi  12/11/2018 at 9:07 am

    Laura you are a dried up stinking piece of poor white trash. Why would I be interested in a skinny ass white boy who although was a exonorated for rape and murder, has raped women since his release from prison. Listen, after I watched The Fear of 13, I ran across Nick Yarris on Twitter after I saw a tweet that included a photo of a Black Ford Mustang Convertible. I remarked, that my first brand new car was a 1988 Black Ford Mustang convertible. I then asked him if he would be attending the Stoke Newington literary festival, which is local to me and which we have promoted on this blog in the past.

    Shaun Attwood, first heard of the festival from me and was a guest for 2 years. I also interviewed him and did a book review.

    Don’t your dare entertain the idea I have any interest in that vile cretin you are married to. I hear this is your usual MO, as you live in fear of one of his fans ‘stealing’ him from you?. After all you are amongst the many female weirdos who have persuade him through social media.

    Finally, the reason for the palava. It’s become obvious Nick Yarris isn’t who he portrays himself to be.

  9. Hackney Hive  24/09/2019 at 12:48 pm

    So Laura, just catching up on stuff? How’s your @wonderful life going? ? See you all had to move from the free house you were loaned and now live in a trailer park ? Did I not predict you’d end up in a trailer park???

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