Amanda Straughan Lilly’s Legacy Fraudulent Founder

Amanda Straughan who runs Lilly’s Legacy Cat Rescue has ramped up her vendetta against me. Amanda is a fraud. She adores cats that I can’t deny, and is a very dedicated cat rescuer.

She is however a very sick individual. If you recall, a writer did a piece on her in the Huffington Post, last April where she described her looming eviction. People felt sorry for her and raised thousands for her, via go fund me. At the time she claimed she had two weeks to vacate. Something she also claimed on her Lilly’s Legacy Facebook account.

The truth is, her landlady had first given her notice, at least a year before, but Amanda would not vacate the flat. You see, the flat in Stoke Newington, Hackney belongs to a Housing Association, whose tenant was under the shared ownership scheme. Renting the flat out was not allowed. Amanda Straughan had been blackmailing the ‘landlady’ threatening to report her. This would lead to the ‘landlady’ losing whatever equity she had in the flat. Yes, every single penny.

Amanda Straughan is also trying to get housed by Hackney Council and claims disability for numerous imagined ailments. Other than her depression, she is a very fit woman, who has managed to work the system. Hackney council pays her rent and she has not held down a job in at least 10 years because of her various fraudulent health claims. She’s able to enjoy regular meals out and the full sky package, thanks to the donations from the public, for the animal shelter She runs from her Stoke Newington Flat.

This was originally posted on Facebook, but was removed by FB this evening, following complaints from her. I am appealing it, but in the meantime I have reposted it here on my blog,  WHERE IT WILL NOT BE REMOVED.


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