Racist Internet Troll Anna Marie Edwards: Homerton Hospital Please Take Action

Nurse refuses to pay for services rendered

Not only is she a dead beat, she’s a racist and an internet troll who has been harassing me along with others she has colluded with including, Denise Rawls.  This has gone too far and a police report will be filed today. I have already been in touch with Iain Patterson, Associate Work Director, who is Anna Marie Edwards bosses boss. While I have the utmost respect for nurses, this pig should not be allowed near people.

The deadbeat nurse at Homerton Hospital used my service over Christmas 2017 and has yet to pay. Payment was due 15 December 2017 and her assignment began on 24 and ended on 27. She was sent reminders but never responded and didn’t return phone calls. So three months later I decided to look her up in Twitter and sure enough she had an account and my pet sitter who met her, and cared for her cat, was able to confirm the pic in her profile was indeed her.

I sent her the following tweets.

Suffice to say, not a peep was heard from Edwards. It was at this juncture I saw red. One last attempt was made and I sent Anna Marie Edwards a screen shot of her invoice, which inadvertently revealed her address.


After 3 months of civilly attempting to engage with her, she finally responded in a heavily worded email threatening me with all forms of things.  Her excuse was all my emails had gone to her spam box. And the voice mail messages and previous tweets? She claimed she couldn’t remember receiving anything.

A few days later she she called, asking me to delete the tweets and called me a nigger when I refused to. Emails were exchanged and I told her; “go suck your dead fathers cock”. That was enough to get me charged.

Todate I have yet to be paid, but have recently filed a money claim and waiting a date. If anything, she attempted to get the court to award her £2000 for the “distress and suffering” I had caused her. It was refused. It speaks loudly of the true character of this NHS nurse.

Its not often things get this terse and certainly this vile with clients. But Anna Marie Edwards, is the worst of white privilege aided by Hackney Police and the CPS, this godforsaken, pale blancmange, flabby ass bint, feels it’s her white privilege right to disrespect me and not pay her debt.

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