Comedian Ava Vidal Becomes Denise Rawls Mouthpiece


Ava Vidal


Despite Comedian Ava Vidal going through what I would describe as the most horrendous thing that could happen to any mother, I’m surprised she’s taken up the mantle of mouth piece for Denise Rawls.

Denise Rawls as you will recall, is the lowlife 2 bit “business coach” who like me resides in the borough of Hackney and while we don’t know each other personally, we have been aware of each other since 2012, when she began following me on Twitter. Over the course of two years, I retweeted things bout her now failed greeting cards business, in an effort to help her.  You know community spirit and all that. Not to mention, both of us being Black women.

So you can imagine how taken back I was when Denise Rawls sent me a tweet back in June 2016 with a link to her new business called “The Hackney Hive”.  I of course fired off a couple of angry emails to her. Some months later I was contacted by an officer from Stoke Newington and attended an interview as they requested. She claimed not only did I send the angry emails, but I placed an ad on an adult site, with her photo inviting men to come on her face and sodomise her. I of course did no such thing.  There is no telling who else shes pissed off.

I left the station thinking that was the end. It wasn’t and was contacted by the same officer, telling me he wanted to serve me, but didn’t have an address for me. More about that later as it has been 2 years of harassment by Hackney Police, which included breaking my door down. I’ll be in court in a few days and have no intentions of pleading guilty. It’s a long sordid story, which will take too long this morning as I have to leave shortly. I’ll expand tonight.

Suffice to say, despite me not entering a plea as yet, Denise Rawls has been telling everyone including her friend Ava Vidal who tweeted this.

Not only have I not entered a plea, I’ve never been interviewed, cautioned or charged with anything to do with trolling.  I am surprised Ava Vidal has time to be a mouthpiece for Denise Rawls. For those out of the loop, Vidal lost her 23 year old daughter Shaquelle, in April to suicide, and has been embroiled in a monumental social media battle and real life court battle with Comedian John Gordillo, whom she’s accusing of grooming her daughter, plying her with drugs and introducing her to the world of sex work. Vidal and Gordillo were an item for 18 months 10 years ago.

It is the most unbelievable family drama, with Vidal accusing  her own mother, brother, her daughters biological father and other assorted family members, of trafficking her daughter and colluding with Gordillo.  Shaquelle was a patient at the same private hospital in Marylebone, where socialite and sculptor Daisy Boyd, took her on life in 2017. Other alumnis   have gone on to throw themselves in front of moving trains.

The piece de resistance? Gordillo a white man, who is not the biological or adopted father of Vidals daughter, is claiming her as his daughter and wants to bury her. Her mother, Ava Vidal, whom she had been estranged from, is rightfully claimng next of kin and wants her daughters remains. In the meantime, her daughter Shaquelle, is still laying in a cold morgue, while all the adults who let her down, fight over her body.

This is not your garden variety family drama. It’s pretty wild and made more interesting by Ava Vidal and her pitchfork mob of followers continuing accusations of John Gordillo.

But she still has time to be a mouthpiece for Denise Rawls, who has yet to say anything directly to me on social media.






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