Don’t you dare call me an anti-Semite

I am a Black middle aged woman and an atheist, I believe religion is a crock and my views of Christian and Muslim fanatics are pretty much the same as some of the Ultra Orthodox community in Stamford Hill I wrote of. To think that I am an anti-Semite or that I am inciting hatred or encouraging people to riot, is unfounded and ludicrous.

Lately we have been reminded constantly of the rise in antisemitism in the UK and I sympathize. But this should not prevent people from talking about what is happening in their immediate area because not talking openly about it, is what causes problems. It’s not that we don’t talk about it, we always have, it’s just not done openly.  But why not? When and how did we get browbeaten into never mentioning anything negative about this group of people?  My blog post did not criticize Jews in general, it focused on a section of the Haredi community in Stamford Hill.

The Holocaust was one of the most horrific acts of inhumanity committed, along with the slave trade and the extermination of native Americans. History is a bitch isn’t it? But no one race, group or religion should be afforded eternal atonement on this basis.

It came as no surprise when I was contacted by an anti-semitism group yesterday who demanded I remove the blog post.  I will not be bullied into removing my opinions and the blog post will remain.  I am not a journalist, nor affiliated to any political party, but I speak of what I have observed over the years living in the borough since 1977 (albeit 18 years when I lived abroad).

Oh and one other thing Jonathan, Kosher Kowboy is nick name a Jewish Texan friend gave to himself.


Dear Miss Makinde

We are a volunteer-led charity dedicated to countering antisemitism through zero-tolerance enforcement of the law.

We have received complaints about this article which has been published on your website.

Whilst we don’t wish to interfere with, or call into question your journalistic freedoms and integrity, we have to point out that your article clearly incites hatred against a particular section of the Jewish community and, as such, constitutes a serious criminal offence. The following excerpts are both racist and offensive:-

“What baffles me is how an insular group of religious nuts who do not want to be part of the wider Hackney community, in many cases, don’t work or contribute to our society, get away with the things they do.”

“The insular religious sect have always viewed outsiders with suspicion, more so if they are Black. But let me stress this whole ongoing palaver in Stamford Hill isn’t just about race. Black or white as long as you are not an Orthodox Jew, you are looked at with contempt and treated accordingly.”

“There are many who find it unpalatable or afraid to speak about some of the vile and downright criminal behavior, of members of Stamford Hills Haredi community.”

“What baffles me is how a group of religious nuts who do not want to be part of the wider Hackney community, in many cases, don’t work or contribute to our society, get away with the things they do.”

“Total indifference to planning applications, cash only businesses hidden away in basements, illegal schools are rife in the community too.”

“I bring all this up to illustrate the relevance, not because I give a flying rats ass about their illegal schools or lack of education.”

“I also care because the next time these thugs think of attacking and kidnapping an innocent Black person, there could be an eruption similar to the Crown Heights (New York) riot in 1992.”

I must ask you to remove this article from public view as a matter of urgency. If you do not do so within the next few hours, we shall have no option but to make a formal complaint about you to the police, and you should be in no doubt that you will most likely face prosecution.

I have tried to contact you via your mobile number (07564 229082), and have left a message on your voicemail. If you wish to call me to discuss this matter, then you are more than welcome to do so.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan White
Investigations and Enforcement Unit


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