Fireworks Thrown into Stamford Hill Restaurant


Fire works damaged the TV.

Fire works damaged the TV.


A group of diners at Grill 66 restaurant in Stamford Hill, were left shaken after fire works were thrown into the restaurant just before 10 pm Friday night.

A worker at the restaurant told Hackney Hive, a group of youths outside the restaurant on Stamford Hill Road, threw the fireworks at another group of youths who were inside the restaurant. The worker who does not want to be named said: “It was very confusing and we all reacted very quickly. Some people ducked under tables and others ran to the back of the shop.

“After the initial firework went off, there were a series of bangs, maybe 20 or more, and a lot of smoke. The restaurant was filled with smoke. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was gun shots or a bomb”.

The youths responsible for throwing the fireworks ran off, as did their targets who were in the restaurant. It is believed CCTV cameras captured the attack.




Tweeter @HackneyMuslims, shortly after the explosion tweeted:

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