EXCLUSIVE: Hackney Council to cull foxes in Clissold Park

Cull to begin as early as this week.

foxIt has been brought to Hackney Hives attention, that Hackney Councils Parks Department is to begin the culling of foxes in the coming week. The source who tipped me off wants to remain anonymous, but was concerned about the  secrecy surrounding the culling saying: “There has been no public consultation and employees have been told to keep this information confidential”.

They went on to say: “The increase of foxes in Clissold Park is due to the rubbish bins being full and rubbish left at the side, not something the foxes should be punished for”.

A spokesperson for Hackney Council said: “A number of foxes have moved into the deer enclosure in Clissold Park. They pose a severe health risk to the deer, as well as a potential health risk to visitors to Clissold House. Qualified contractors will be humanely trapping and disposing of the foxes in strict accordance with animal welfare guidelines.

“The Council has been advised against relocating the foxes as this will cause them high levels of stress and could lead to the animals suffering a prolonged death. The trapping is being restricted to the deer enclosure and nowhere else in the park.”

Speaking for The Fox Project, a specialist wildlife information bureau and fox deterrence Consultancy, its Director, Sandra Reddy told Hackney Hive: “Any removal of foxes leaves the territory vacant, which will be quickly filled by other foxes, therefore the action is not only cruel, but will not solve any perceived problem.

“The local Council’s claim of spreading diseases is unfounded as there are no diseases that can be transferred from foxes to deer or humans.

Ms Reddy continued: “Deterring foxes is the only effective way to see them off any particular patch. Hackney Council need to rethink their destruction policy fast and stick to The Fox Project’s humane deterrence guidelines, which have helped solve problems for people for over two decades without harming any foxes.

“They must stop this cruel, unnecessary, pointless cull and turn their attention to an effective solution”.

In recent years, Hackney Council has come under attack for the way it has handled wildlife in Clissold Park, especially during the £9m Lottery Fund redevelopment. The construction work left other wildlife such as deer’s, vulnerable and as a result, a number of deer’s were killed.

Hackney Boroughs page on deterring foxes includes information provided by The Fox Project, and includes a link to their web site which does not support the culling of foxes.



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