Stamford Hill: Disorder at party, naked man on Clapton Common and Cyclist injured



The annual summer orthodox exodus from Stamford Hill to the Kent and Welsh coast may have been over a week ago, but it was an action packed Saturday night for emergency response and misery for residents in and around Bethune Road.  Judging from the national press, who were besides themselves with excitement and anticipation of another summer riot, it never happened.

At about 1: 15 am Saturday night/Sunday morning, I finally gave up on trying to sleep and  ignoring the noise coming from a helicopter flying around the neighbourhood, so I took to Twitter to find out what the raucous was all about, only to discover a ridiculously large party at Sanford Court on Bethune Road in Stamford Hill had gotten out of hand.  As one would expect things took a turn for the worse, once the police showed up, because that’s what happens with rowdy youths and law enforcement.

  It wasn’t long before people began making outlandish claims on social media. One woman claimed she had been attacked and pushed to the ground, when she asked some of the revellers what was going on. She has since deleted it afer the validity of her claim was challenged.


  I’m not sure if Shulem Stern would recognize an illegal rave if he saw one, but it didn’t stop him from commenting.

According to Hackney Police, afer they arrived at the party scene with over 400 revellers (some masked), they came under a sustained attack with bottles, bricks and other items thrown at them from balconies. Back up in the form of the Mets Territorial Support Group and Dogs were on hand and the revellers were dispersed by 2 am. Calm, law and order was restored until the next one.  Today, some claim police have exaggerated and the gathering wasn’t as volatile as reported. East London Lines, a student website for Goldsmiths College, interviewed residents of Sanford Court, who appear to back the claim.

One elderly female resident, who lives on the ground floor, said she was woken when large number of people arrived: “they knocked on my door and said they wanted to set speakers up outside and asked if they could use my electricity to plug them in, I said no, so they found someone upstairs I think.”

“There were a lot of people. The place was full. Later there was some fighting. The people switched off the music when the fighting started and everyone started to leave,” she added.

Seems like some of the residents are thinking along the same lines as me.

Speaking of last night’s disorder, another elderly resident said: “if a lot of young people are together in a confined space then sometimes trouble happens.”  “I don’t blame the kids, they have nowhere else to go. I don’t blame the police either, they were just doing their job. I blame the people in charge. The problem for these children is that they have no where to go to enjoy themselves.”




Around the time things began kicking off in Bethune Road, a man was flung off his bike after he collided with a car at the junction of Stamford Hill/Clapton Common/Amhurst Park Road. Between the lights not synching, not working or just the sheer volume of traffic it’s not the easiest cross-road to navigate at anytime of the day. Despite the lucky fellas crumpled bike being a distance from where he laid while first responders treated him, he’ll be ok. No life threatening or changing  injuries. He was taken to Homerton Hospital where he was treated for a head injury.

Finally, there are several reasons why one would totally disrobe and ramble around Clapton Common in the buff. Inebriation, a naturist life style or a mental disorder.  Whatever this fellas reasons were, he picked a perfect day. It was Sunday, sunny and it was beautiful.

So there you have it folks, just another block party in Hackney that got way out of control not a national incident and not once did I used the word “mob” . Oh but if you do have any information for the police, you know the drill.

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