The ladies of Stamford Hill keeping it real with wage control

"internal memo" sent to keep domestic help wages low.

women-gossipingI have to admit one of my biggest and time-consuming guilty pleasures is Twitter, where I have several accounts. There is Hackney Hive, my business account, my personal one and my favorite most used one which can be in-politically correct, many times crossing the boundaries of decency and even straying into problems with the law occasionally.

I have had problems with certain people in the past and have used it and my blog as a platform to air my angst, set the record straight and dole out my own form of prairie justice. What can I say, it beats various vices I can think of or losing  my liberty by knocking the crap out of someone.

It was there I discovered a tweet from If You Tickle Us, an anonymous blogger from Stamford Hill.  This is not your garden variety Hackney blogger. He blogs and tweets in English and Yiddish and can sometimes be irreverent about things within the very insular and private Orthodox Jewish community of Stamford Hill. Some of it makes for hilarious reading, although I should add, there are some within the Haredi community desperate to out him and calling for his head.

Almost 2 weeks a go I ran across, something quite extraordinary, which I thought may have been a joke, but was assured it wasn’t. Women in Stamford Hill calling on others to put a cap on the amount paid to their domestic help.

I was going to write about it then, but was stalled by news of far right nut job-in-chief, Joshua Bonehill’s intention to organize an anti-Jewish and hate filled rally on Clapton Common on 22 March. By now it’s safe to say the rally will not be held, on account of Bonehill having to do prison time, following his court appearance today in his hometown of Yeovil, Somerset.

Me thinks that is why Hackney Police have not made a decision if to allow the fascist demonstration. I guess they want this whole nasty episode to work its self out “organically”. After all, it’s a forgone conclusion the boy is going down today and If he doesn’t, well, I’ll just have to edit this. Here’s the missive to the ladies for you all to figure out. I am told it appeared in a local weekly publication :


Dear Readers

We are writing to you regarding the goita mastav.
We, a bunch of sisters have just dismissed our goita, as she demanded £7 an hour. She is an excellent goita and we did not want to give her up, but we nonetheless did it for the sake of Stamford Hill.

We turn to you and ask you to please, help us keep the price down. Please do not accept goitas who ask for £7.
As a side point we ask that out goita Anna, should remain ours, by you not agreeing to give her £7 she will come back to us.

Thankyou for your understanding.


It didn’t go unnoticed by others, including a member of the Haredi community who defended the wage cap.

— Boruch (@Boruch_1) January 30, 2015

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