BREAKING: Broad daylight stabbing of teenager in Hoxton



Police were alerted to a stabbing in Hoxton this afternoon at 12.50 pm this afternoon, at the junction of  Hoxton Street and Filkirk Street, where they found a male aged 17,  suffering stab wounds. He has been taken to an East London Hospital.

Three people have been arrested.

Enquiries are ongoing.


2 Responses to "BREAKING: Broad daylight stabbing of teenager in Hoxton"

  1. I think its disgusting what is happening in hackney today stabbings killings all to do with area codes when will this mindless violence end poor family’s hurt shocked angry and for me as a British citizen
    I fear for my safety as I regularly visit Hoxton with my girlfriend
    when will it end gangs selling drugs on the streets of hackney to people am disgusted we need more police on our streets so they can catch these criminals

    Comment by darren lawless on 14/03/2014 at 10:36 am

  2. we need more police present on our streets a visible presents
    people need to feel safe lee Rigby was killed in front of people and there was not a single police car or patrol in sight disgusting
    he was left to die a solder a hero

    Comment by darren lawless on 14/03/2014 at 10:38 am

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