Hackney pays respect to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela 1918-20013

Nelson Mandela 1918-20013

A remembrance book will will be available at Hackney Town Hall from Monday 9 December in memory of Nelson Mandela.

Flags were flown at half mast today as a mark of respect to the former South African leader who died yesterday Thursday 5th December, at his home in a suburb of Johannesburg.

Mayor Jules Pipe released a statement following the news of Mandela’s passing.

Nelson Mandela transcended politics; his life and work represented the enduring values of freedom, dignity and equality. In a diverse community such as Hackney’s, his memory and legacy will always have a special resonance.

Today we fly the Town Hall flag at half mast. On Monday we will have a book of remembrance available for citizens to write their own tributes and re-live their own memories of a man who was not only a force for good across the world, but had a huge personal impact on the lives of millions.







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