Interview with Australian comedian Sam Simmons

sam-simmonsAussie comedian, Sam Simmons, is bringing his show  ‘Shitty Trivia’ to  Soho Theatre Downstairs till the 24th of August. I asked him to explain to us Londoners what he thinks  the differences are between our respective comedy scenes and what his “suburban, absurdist” comedy show is all about.  Oh and he also said my questions were “nice”. Blush 🙂

HH: How is the Australian comedy scene? How is it different from over here in London?

SS: It’s producing some of the most innovative stuff on the planet at the moment, also NZ, I don’t know why but we low hanging ripening fruits on the vine ready for plucking. You may not know them all yet but watch out for Claudia O’Doherty, David Quirk, Ronny Chieng Nick Coylea and CeliaIts different because we haven’t started back stabbing each other

HH: Can you tell us a bit more about your TV sketch comedy show, Problems?

SS: Yuckilly! it’s sketch!! I don’t really like sketch, so we tried to subvert it with an obtuse subtle narrative, Its essentially me and my spirit guide cat “Mr Meowgi”, looking for respite from the Australian summer via man love and ice cream.

HH: What is one stereotype that British have about Australians that really grinds your gears?

SS: I’m not into the whole sport thing,“so how’s the ashes mate?” This is EVERY second cabbie.
“I couldn’t give a shit!”* so while you guys go out of your way funding pre Olympic glory sports programs, I hope we are behind you building a simulatniously successful creative Australian empire. *Yes you guys are better at sport than us now.

HH:  What can we expect from your suburban, absurdist comedy show Shitty Trivia  at the Soho Theatre ?

SS: Oh I dunno, maybe some “suburban Absurdist comedy” it’s pretty much me on a stage as a Pub trivia host having a nervous breakdown, imagine dropping acid in your pint at the local quiz night, hilarity ensues.

HH:  Where are you off to next ?

SS: Back to LA, I’ve moved over to hock my dot to the Americans,
they are surprisingly cliché free about being an Australian comedian. (I’m not saying your guys are) I  mean in general, I guess the Yanks don’t have the Antipodean colonial hang over that the Brits do. It’s pretty fun and nice to be taken seriously as opposed to a “suburban absurdist” novelty. Anyway I better go now, thanks for taking the time to write me nice questions.

On until Sat 24 , Soho Downstairs. For tickets and information please visit,

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