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The Nightmare Dreamer is Tattooed Potatoe’s first London production and is tackling a problem all of us have faced at one time or another, catching our beloved Zzzs. I went to see this play fresh from its debut in Washington D.C. with a rowdy bunch of teens who laughed and screamed all the way through.

The play asks the question what if someone else could dream your nightmares for you so you can rest easy? It’s an exploration of the journey through our deep, dark subconscious but after someone uses the aid of the nightmare dreamer their lives out of their slumber is never the same.  But what happens when a “Nightmare Dreamer ” wants to throw in the towel? What will become of all those people he helped and their nighttime fears ?

Director John Michael MacDonald has staged a physical theatre piece which is suspenseful, mysterious but rooted in something the audience can relate to. The choreography and movement were well-orchestrated. He made good use of the limited space available to him and the ensemble was in synch throughout their 70 minutes on stage. They climbed on top of each other and used tricks of optical illusion to create the illusion that we were traveling through these nightmares with the dreamers.

Basque actor Txema Perez, played the  Nightmare Dreamer with a quiet intensity and his portrayal of him when he started to put his work into question was endearing. The rest of the cast followed suit all giving outstanding performances and I felt they were 100% committed to what they were doing .

Overall, I felt it was exactly their uniformity  throughout which
strengthened the piece but found  that some of the hustling-bustling scenes of city life which they recreated during Perez’s identity crisis lingered a bit too long.

The Art Historian (Louise van der Post),  who is haunted by her night terrors  of her partner who  opens up her belly button only to pull out something the colour of scarlet red blood,  gave  an equally intense performance.

The physical theatre incorporated into the piece lifts it to a higher level and I found it  to be a compelling look into the frightening  journeys our minds can take us on when we hit the pillow.

On till Saturday June 29th at the Blue Elephant Theatre Or 02077010100

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Melissa Palleschi New York actress living in London and trained in Italy, New York and here in London at the Actors Studio. She is also a founding member of the Planktonic Players, who made their London debut at Camden Fringe Festival in 2012.


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