Hackney Mayor Pipe, opposes Kingsland fire station closure


Kingsland Fire Station.      Photo Credit::     www.hackney-labour.org.uk

Kingsland Fire Station. Photo Credit: www.hackney-labour.org.uk

The Mayor of Hackney has voiced concerns over the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority’s plans to close Kingsland fire station.

Mayor Jules Pipe attended a public meeting at Stoke Newington Town Hall, to discuss the draft Fifth London Safety plan, and said he had serious concerns that the closure of the fire station, in Dalston, would put the safety of Hackney residents at increased risk.

Data released last week revealed that, if Kingsland were to shut, there would be six wards in Hackney where the response time for the first engine sent to a fire would exceed the London Fire Brigade’s target of six minutes.

Mayor Pipe said: “I understand that the LFB is under huge pressure to make savings and that some changes have to be made, but I’m very concerned about the impact the current plans could have on Hackney.

“The response time for engines reaching six wards in Hackney will be well over the LFB’s target. Most alarmingly, the response time in De Beauvoir ward for the first engine would increase by almost 75 per cent, from 4.24 minutes to 7.37 minutes, whilst for the second engine it would increase from 5.43 minutes to 8.37 minutes.

“Dalston, Queensbridge, Leabridge, New River and Springfield would experience similar increases in response times; that’s almost a third of Hackney affected by these cost-saving plans. Given that fires can dramatically increase in intensity in a couple of minutes, this gives us serious concerns that the proposed closure of Kingsland fire station would put the safety of Hackney residents at increased risk.”

A spokesperson from the London Fire Brigade said: “The proposals currently out for public consultation seek to maintain our London-wide response targets, which as a London-wide fire brigade is how we plan the service we provide.

“The ward level data shows how varied response times are across the capital. As is the case now, over half of all London wards would, on average, continue to get a first response within the six minute target if the proposals are agreed. London would continue to receive a very good service, compared to other emergency services and other parts of the country.”

Mayor Pipe has written to the Mayor of London and the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority with his concerns. Residents can find out more about the plans and have their say during a consultation, which closes on 17 June, at: www.london-fire.gov.uk.

Ward Current average Response Time for 1st fire engine (and 2nd engine) Average response time after closure of Kingsland fire station (and 2nd engine)
Dalston 5.18   (6.03) 6.59   (7.35)
De Beauvoir 4.24   (5.43) 7.37   (8.37)
Leabridge 6.07   (6.44) 6.12   (6.53)                      
New River 5.56   (6.26) 6.01   (6.32)
Queensbridge 5.00   (5.54) 6.43   (7.46)
Springfield 6.30   (6.59) 6.36   (7.06)

This  post was updated at 11:14am on Wednesday,  22  May  to reflect a statement from the LFB.

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