Parents and nine children escape Stamford Hill house fire



The parents and nine children of a family living in Stamford Hill escaped from a fire believed to have been caused by a religious candle on Tuesday morning. It’s thought the candle was being used to observe Passover.

The London Fire Brigade said the incident highlights the dangers of leaving candles alight before going to bed.

Neil Crossfield, a Watch Manager from the London Fire Brigade’s Fire Investigation Unit, who investigated the blaze, said:

“The family were woken by a smoke alarm after a candle dropped off a large candle holder onto the dining table.

“The table was laid with a plastic cover and this produced thick clouds of acrid smoke.

“Only one of the three smoke alarms in the house was working and if that had been defective then we could have been faced with multiple fatalities.

“Please test your smoke alarms regularly to make sure they’re working, and if they’re not, check the batteries or replace the alarm.”

Woken by the alarm, the family managed to escape before the fire brigade arrived.

Two fire engines from Stoke Newington with 14 firefighters and officers tackled the blaze in very challenging circumstances due to the acrid smoke.

The fire broke out at 7:47 am and was put out at 8:12am.  A large part of the ground floor was badly damaged in the fire.

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