Revealed: Hackney Councillors absence rates


A new Hackney grass roots group set up to give an independent voice to Hackney residents, has revealed the scale of absentee Councillors  from Council meetings.

The findings come from Hackney First who have compiled information from the Council and produced an infographic that shows there are 18 Hackney Councillors who are reported absent from Council meetings, for more than a third of the time over the last six months, of which 12 are from Labour. The worst offender appears to be Daniel Kemp who represents Victoria ward.

Mustafa Korel, founder of Hackney First said:  “One Councillor has been absent for 75% of these meetings. It’s at these meetings where important decisions about the council are made and where the Councillor in question (from Victoria ward) is entrusted to act in your wards interest. We’d be interested to find out why Councillor Kemp has such a high rate of absence.

“It’s beyond belief that this level of absence continues without Labour intervening – if we were absent from our jobs 75% of the time in six months, we’d get a good talking to by our bosses.

“It’s time for Labour to look at Victoria ward and ask itself questions about how it will move forward in ensuring that all Councillors from Victoria and across Hackney, act in the interests of the people who got them in to power in the first place.

“I hope that this information we’re distributing to our neighbours, inspires those on the worst list to either question whether being a Councillor is right for them or to improve their attendance.”


Mustafa Korel campaigning outside Hackney Central station in  April 2012

Korel, who was the Green Parties choice for Councillor in Hackney Central in last years by-election, went on to say:  “Inaction is typical of Labour, especially in a one-party Council like ours – they feel safe in Hackney because they think no one will challenge them – we will.

“Hackney First will continue to challenge and question until we see real, honest politics that emerges from the grassroots and not from a political machine that has party interests at heart.

“In doing so, we will bring back humility and humbleness to the politics of Hackney, where all our elected officials take their duties seriously and appreciate the honour of being selected to represent us, instead of treating us with contempt and disrespect.”

Labour tops the list for worst attendance, with 9 of their councillors, out of 14, making it to the worst attendance list.

Labour councillors who topped the worst list were: Daniel Kemp (75% absence), Oli de Boton (50% absence), Linda Smith (44% absence), Sally Mulready (41%  absence), Edward Brown and Gulay Icoz (both 38% absence) and Ben Hayhurst, Angus Mulready-Jones and Alex Russell (all 36% absent).

Two Liberal Democrats and three Conservatives also made it in to the worst attendance list. There were only three councillors who attended all meetings. Lordship ward is the least represented ward at Council meetings (av. 42% absence), followed by Victoria (av. 40% absence) then New River (av. 34% absence).

For more information on Hackney First, please click here

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