Celebrate Food, art and music: Consume Creativity with Appetite 2013


Just a few minutes away from Hackney via  Lea Bridge Road or a more leisurely bike ride along the River Lea, is Waltham Forest, a borough as diverse as Hackney.  Hassan Vawda previews a new addition to the boroughs growing artistic and culinary community events.

Appetite 2013 is a brand new festival launching in Waltham Forest celebrating the rich, unique and creative culinary landscape of the area.

Trying a food for the first time is a very special experience. As you take a bite out of a sharp and bright street food from across the ocean or tenderly chew on a beautiful piece of locally sourced beef, you always consume far more than what you can see on your plate. Recipes move through generations, through all layers of society and even fluidly through cultures. It binds communities, blurs boundaries and even expands tastes in all aspects of life – it is an art form that is at the core of every single person. It is this experience and feeling that Appetite will be celebrating throughout June.

Being organized by Artillery, the same brains and hard work behind the E17 Art Trail, the month long festival will bring the real juices, spices and aromas of Walthamstow, Leyton, Leytonstone, Highams Park and Chingford out into the air for everybody to embrace. When we discuss food as being the universal language, Waltham Forest is the absolute example. It is a borough with so many different histories, so many different cultures and lives all collaged upon each other, and as it continues to grow, and the demographic continues to evolve, food is the balance and glue that links it all together seamlessly.

It won’t only be your taste buds that would enjoy Appetite as the festival will hope to expand on the idea of food as art, and food in its relationship to art of all mediums. There will be performances of all sorts, from music to theatre and even exhibitions set up as the perfect complement to your delicious finds. Because the festival itself is just being launched, it is being used as a platform for many culinary creatives to introduce trial and test their own ideas cooking, hosting, performing or mixing all three together! There will definitely be some surprise and unique treats on offer and the festival as a whole is shaping up to be a wonderful ethically charged sharing of community.

If you want to get involved in any way, whether it is proposing an event, sharing your own secret recipes or sprinkling the festival with your art, visit www.appetitefestival.co.uk


Appitite 2013 will take place 1st – 30th of June

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