Colourful big bird takes up residence in Broadway Market


Big, blue and bold. Photo: @Millfieldsblog

Shoppers and visitors to Broadway Market today will notice something new.  No, not another over priced  chi chi specialty boutique shop, but a big blue menacing  looking  pigeon.  Most people first began to notice the colourful bodacious pigeon on the corner of Ada Street and Broadway Market on Thursday morning and going by Twitter comments, reaction locally has been favorable.

The mural created by street graffiti artists Boe + Irony, isn’t the first to be painted on that strip of wall. Last summer, Shoreditch-based artist and Pure Evil gallery owner Charley Edwards, put his stamp of disapproval of the 2012 Olympics on the same space. This time Hackney Council left it up for almost 7 months before painting over it. When I spoke to an employee of Broadway Fish and Chip late morning Thursday morning, officials from the council had already been and gone. Blue bird hadn’t been up 24 hours!

Men at work

Men at work. The crew on Wednesday evening.

How long it will remain up is another matter. Hackney Council frowns on street art and have a history of painting over them. Street artist Boe and other  half  of  tag  team Boe + Irony, told Hackney Hive:  “I hope they leave it for a while, but that’s life with street art I guess. I think the fox is still running up in Turnpike Lane, so hopefully this will stay for a while also.” The “fox” he refers to is the Cunning Mr Fox another bold expression by both Boe  and Irony, painted on the wall of a street in Turnpike Lane, Haringey.

A spokes person for Hackney Council told Hackney Hive “We have not established that the owner wishes to keep the work as yet, but we have spoken to employees of the business”.

Some notable street art paint overs by Hackney  Council

The Painter and the Phallus

The mistake: Blur and the Royal Family





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