Thump Box your way to fitness



“Adrian: why do you want to fight?

                                           Rocky: cos I can’t sing or dance !”

Boxing was a popular part of fitness even before Sylvester Stallone made his first Rocky film but in recent years it’s become a regular fixture on gym time tables with Box Fit, Boxercise, and Body Combat to name just a few. But none of these actually allow you to don the gloves and have “Eye of the tiger “cranked up on your iPod!

Well, welcome to Thump Boxing! Established in Australia and New Zealand where it is widely popular, it is gaining momentum in the UK.  Now part of the Ricky Hatton Academy, Thump has brought boxing to a new generation of fitness fanatics.

“Mickey: your nose is broken.

                                                      Rocky: how does it look?

                                               Mickey: ah , it’s an improvement!”

Here are some of the proven benefits of incorporating boxing into your regime.

“Burn baby burn!”

Boxing can burn a good amount of calories in a single hour work out depending on the intensity. Hence, boxing can greatly assist with your weight loss efforts.


Regular boxing sessions help to maintain a balanced heart rate. It also helps to improve the strength of heart muscles, building a stronger heart.

“Harder, better, faster, STRONGER!”

Build strong bones and muscles.

Boxing improves the strength and flexibility of all muscle groups in the body. It also helps to develop joints and your overall skeletal system.

“Knees up mother brown!”

Most cardiovascular workouts are tough on the knees but boxing is low impact on the joints and also raises the heart rate= happy knees!

“Boom, Boom, POW!”

Because boxing involves sparring, weaving, ducking, punching (and even kicking), it requires repetitive motions therefore it builds strength and power especially to your arms, legs and core area.


Boxing helps to relieve physical and mental stress…FACT. Boxing provides a good opportunity to release pent up anger. Why not pretend the pad  is that person who wound you up today and give it a good THUMP!

Still not convinced that donning your silk hooded dressing gown and shouting “Adriaaaaaan” from the top of Mare street is good for your health? (well actually that wouldn’t be, but it is quite amusing).

East Londoners don’t have to look too far for a class, Kate Burrows and her team run classes in London Fields and cover a wide area of East London.


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Caroline has a performing arts back ground and is an East London based qualified personal trainer. And yes, she loves Thump Boxing.


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