Teenager Joseph Burke-Monerville, shot and killed in Clapton, was one of the good guys


Joseph Burke-Monerville, shot and killed in Clapton.

Police believe Joseph Burke Monerville killing, was a case of mistaken identity. The 19 year old was shot in the head while he and his two brothers sat in a parked car on Hindrey Road, in Lower Clapton on Saturday night.  His identical twin brother, Jonathan, was unhurt but their 22 year old brother was shot in the shoulder. He is said to be in serious but stable condition.

The men had stopped off to buy items at a shop in Clapton, at around 8.20 pm Saturday and were still parked when two men on foot fired shots at them. His injured brother was able to drive to safety and alert police.  The two injured men were taken to a hospital where Joseph was pronounced dead at 11.10pm.


Identical twins

None of the brothers in the car were affiliated to any gangs and Joseph was an undergraduate studying Forensic Science at London Metropolitan University, where his twin brother Jonathan, was also a student

A friend told Hackney Hive he was “dedicated, hard working and a very decent person who loved his family and friends. He sometimes attended church and helped others and was serious about university”.

By all accounts Joseph was one of the good guys, his Facebook page reflects the sort of young man he was, mentioning his school exam results, displaying lots of family photos, bible quotes and football chatter.

His Facebook profile also indicates from 2007 to 2012 he attended a High School in Benue State, Nigeria. Prior to that he was a student at  St Aloysius’ College, a Roman Catholic boys school in Highgate and Alma mater of the Late Peter Sellers, actor Sir Michael Gambon, West Ham’s Joe Cole and England Cricketer John Crawley.

Detective Superintendent Gordon Allison of Operation Trident, which tackles gang-related crime, said: ‘As far as we’re concerned, this looks like a tragic case of mistaken identity.

‘They parked just opposite a shop – we believe they were going to go into the shop and make a couple of purchases and then they were going to go home.

‘They were approached by two suspects, a short conversation took place and as a result of that, three shots were fired into the vehicle, resulting in the fatal injury of the victim”.

Detective Allison added:  “The unfortunate thing about this incident is that his twin brother was also in the back of this car.”‘

Police are appealing for information on two suspects seen running from the scene.

The first man is black, and the second is light-skinned – possibly of Asian or Turkish appearance. They were seen making off on foot from Hindrey Road E5 after the shooting, heading towards the nearby Pembury Estate.

Any witnesses or anyone with information should call police on 020 8733 4211. To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Tributes on social media has been pouring in since Sunday.  Local resident, 18 year old Franklyn Addo, who grew up on the nearby Pembury Estate and  famously turned down a place at Cambridge University for London School of Economics where he currently studies,  posted the following photos and comment:

People pay tribute to slain teenager Joseph Burke-Monerville.  Photo courtesy of Franklyn Music

R.I.P Joseph Burke-Monerville. Group of people mourning the loss of their innocent son, brother and friend. The incident is tragic in so many ways. To pray and converse with and embrace his mother as she holds it together although she must be experiencing inconceivable pain was heart wrenching… A lovely Nigerian woman. She emigrated to England to make a better life for her children, not to have her child’s life taken… and she isn’t the only mother whose son has been claimed by the system. The mothers of the perpetrators are likely to soon be mourning the loss of their sons to the prison system. These are the realities of the society we live in. Such incidents are so easy to overlook. The sad fact is that many of us are desensitised to it.. But when it happens in your direct vicinity, it’s impossible to ignore. R.I.P. to Jamzy and Festa and all those whose lives were taken prematurely. I implore everyone to play their part in changing the conditions that lead to such devastation.


Joseph Burke-Monerville’s murder occurred on the same night 16 year old Peter Hagan was stabbed to death in the stairwell of  a Wandsworth tower block, and the day after a pregnant woman in her 30’s was stabbed near Finsbury Park Station.  Joseph is also the second local twin murdered as a result of gun violence in just over a year.  In the early hours of  New Years day 2012, Aarron McKoy was shot outside a club in Clerkenwell, where he was celebrating his birthday and New Years day.

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