Hackney residents to protest new CPZ implementation


R Zone residents are taking to the streets of Hackney on Saturday morning (11 January), to raise their objections to the council’s planned implementation of the R Zone CPZ in Stoke Newington.

Their objections concern a consultation process that effectively promised the council would abide by a majority decision by the residents, as to whether to introduce the scheme or not.

In 2012, the majority had rejected the proposals so the council split the R Zone into streets – to continue their blanket use of CPZ.  Residents fear the implementation of  a  CPZ in one area of a street, will ultimately push car owners to park further down their road to avoid payment.

The council’s initial consultation had wide spread opposition, with two small pockets of residents asking that something be done to ease capacity at a section of parking close to the railway station but since the consultation, even those residents have now re-casted their vote in total opposition of the plans by signing a petition.

Some  fair the new law will encourage  ‘neighbour to neighbour’ disputes about parking.  They are also asking other residents to join in by gathering in Norcott Road, N16 from 11am and pick up information about how to ease parking pinch points without resorting to using the expensive measures such as CPZ.






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