Severed head found in Regents Canal in Haggerston

Gemma McCluskie

Police were alerted at about 1:15 pm  yesterday,  Sunday, by a member of the public walking along Regents Canal in Haggerston, near Kingsland Road, after making a grim discovery, while walking along the canal.

Police have declined to be drawn into speculating it could be the head of former East Ender actress, Gemma

Tony McCluskie in March canvassing for his missing sister

Gemma’s  limbless and headless torso was found in the same canal near Broadway Market in March. Her limbs were found a few weeks later.

The 29 year old, was reported missing to police two days after she was last seen on Thursday 1st March. On Tuesday 6 March a member of the public reported a suspicious object floating in the Regent’s Canal close to the Broadway Market.

She was last seen returning to the Bethnal Green home she shared with her sick mother and two brothers.  It  was her two brothers Tony and Danny, who first alerted police of their sisters disappearance last week. The two began canvassing the area with posters which included Tony’s mobile number.

Tony McCluskie, 35, was arrested on 6 March and charged with his sisters murder three days later. McCluskie will stand trial in November.



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