Shots fired at Broadway Market Turkish restaurant

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Every once in a while hipsters and general folk, get a not so gentle reminder that they are still in the hood. Gentrification and tarting up a rough part of town doesn’t always shield people from this type of madness. Such was the case for diners at Solche Grill and Meze Bar in Broadway market, who had their evening interrupted yesterday  (Sunday 19) shortly after 9pm, when two gun shots were fired into the popular restaurant situated next to the Regents Canal.

Police aren’t saying much at the moment, probably because they don’t have much to go with, but there has been a lot of chatter on twitter, including tweets from people who were there.

I’m now left wondering if the shooting had anything to do with a google search that landed someone on my blog on Saturday. Hey listen, it’s just a theory…..

Yeah, I thought it was funny and others thought the same thing too at the time, but it’s no laughing matter now according to the following tweets.




According to the Hackney Citizen, a waitress who was all shook up said she was “threatened” at about 9.15 pm, but the police say the first call came into them at 9.08pm. She claims the gun man pointed the gun at her (talk of s******g the proverbial brick) while she was serving a customer. I’m guessing he then went back out and shot through the window, because that’s when all hell broke as people dived for cover, with some ladies running down stairs for cover in the little girls room. Sounds a little confusing to me.

Judging from some of the tweets I’ve been reading, it appears the cool crowd are amazed this would happen at a nice place that young urbanites frequent as a oppose to the greasy chicken and chip shop. Broadway market has had it’s fair (or unfair) share of stabbings, shoot outs and even a dismembered torso of a former actress found floating in Regents Canal, just yards from the Solche Cicilia earlier this year. Luckily no one was hurt yesterday.

Tt’s still unknown who the gunman is or what his motive was. Gang bangers generally go looking for other gang bangers who don’t frequent most of the more genteel places in Broadway Market. It’s also not unknown for Turkish drug gangs to target people or business they have a beefs with although they are usually more harder to track down compared to your young black gang bangers who are almost always caught with-in minutes if not days. But gun tottin’ hipsters? NIMBY’s? What are they p****d at? Another rumor of Starbucks or some other chain business coming the market?

Police are still investigating. (No silly, not Starbucks coming to Broadway Market but the gun shots)


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