Film Review: Ted

Seth MacFarlane boundry pushing in Ted

Animation Auteur Seth MacFarlane famed for his television creations such as Family Guy and American Dad, dips his toe into the directorial pool with the outrageously funny Ted.  Those who have seen the trailer probably have a rough idea of the storyline but keep in mind that this film very light-hearted and focuses more on the jokes rather than the narrative.

We open to a snowy Boston, USA, young Jon a neighborhood loner confides in a teddy bear as his only friend. Hankering for his stuffed toy to come to life, Jon makes a wish and the next morning that wish becomes a reality. Ever since that fateful day Jon has had Ted by-his-side right into adulthood, where Ted is a weed smoking, foul mouthed teddy and Jon is a stoner rental car salesman, but their friendship is tested when Jon’s girlfriend Lori, grows tired of the three-way relationship.

Smeared with pop-culture references, formidable fart jokes and tied in with romantic-comedy, Ted in far from a feature length episode of one of MacFarlane’s animations, but does provided similar structured jokes and paired with Seth MacFarlane voicing Ted (MacFarlane also voices Peter Griffin among other characters on Family Guy) it often feels like one.

Written by Seth Macfarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild (Alec & Wellesley were also writers on Family Guy) this film is full familiar faces with the likes of Mark Wahlberg playing Jon, Black Swan star Mila Kunis (who voices Meg Griffin on Family Guy) playing Lori, Giovanni Ribisi playing Donny, Patrick Warburton (who voices Joe on Family guy) playing Guy and is also narrated by Star Trek star Patrick Stewart (who voices Avery Bullock on American Dad),

Macfarlane’s boundary-pushing comedy may not be to everyone’s liking, some may call it distasteful and offensive (also if you are not familiar with 80’s television/films then some of the jokes may go over-your-head). But you are sure to find something in this film to make you laugh. The funniest film I have seen since Step Brothers, where else but in a Seth Macfarlane creation would you find Mark Wahlberg and a teddy-bear doing coke with Flash Gordon.

Director: Seth MacFarlane
Cast: Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Patrick Warburton, Seth MacFarlane, Seth Rogen, Sir Patrick Stewart
Runtime: 106 mins
Cert UK: 15


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