Child falls from third floor window, in Amhurst Road building

Tumbled: Downs Court


UPDATE: 7:50 PM 22/5/12 Police confirm injuries child sustained are not life threatening

UPDATE:  10:00 AM 23/5/12 Injuries are not life changing.

Reports of a young child falling out of a third floor window of Downs Court, a block of flats in Amhurst Road, Hackney Central, at approx 3.30 PM has been confirmed by police, with no further details at the moment.

The incident was witnessed by passerby Louise Glazebrook, who alerted emergency services immediately.  Ms Glazebrook told Hackney Hive:  “He fell 3 floors onto a ledge outside some flats. The police arrived when I was there and I called an ambulance but we all got asked to leave. The image of that child is just horrific and I’m so upset but need to know if he is ok”.

Although Ms Glazebrook described the child as a “baby boy”, a police spokesperson was unable to confirm.



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