Illegal butt enhancement suspect in Caudia Aderotimi’s death arrested at “pumping party”

Behind Bars:  Padge Windslowe

Page Victoria Windslowe, a 42 year old transgender suspect in the death of Claudia Rotimi of Hoxton, was arrested on Wednesday in Philadelphia, as she prepared to host a “pumping party” in Philadelphia, said police. She is being held on $10 million bail.

Windslowe,  a hip hop singer also known as the “Black Madam”, had been under police surveillance after she allegedly injected a 23 year old exotic dancer last month.  The unidentified woman was hospitalized after she arrived at a hospital, coughing up blood and with breathing problems.  She was treated for a blocked artery in the lungs, caused by silicone in her lungs and spent seven days in hospital. Police also  say Windslowe is suspected of injecting up to 14 other women in the past 4 months.

She has been charged with Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, Recklessly Endangering another Person and Deceptive Practices.

Although she first came under Philadelphia police radar after the fatal botched procedure on Claudia Aderotimi in February 2011, she  has yet to be formally charged, but police say she is a person of interest.

Dead: Aspiring dancer & actress Claudia Aderotimi

Aderotimi, a 20 year old Thames Valley University student of Geffrye Court, Hoxton, died following a back-yard buttock enhancement procedure carried out in a Hampton Inn Hotel room near Philadelphia Airport.  She and a friend had travelled from London to Philadelphia 4 months before, when they first had the butt enhancement. Their second trip was for Claudia to have a “top up”, with silicone injections to her buttocks and her friend, to her hips.

Padge Windslowe’s mugshot

During the arrest, police seized vials of superglue, needles, gloves, bottles and other items. Authorities say the procedure involved Windslowe cleaning a client’s buttocks and then injecting a substance she described as silicone. When the procedure is done, she would cover the wound with glue.

Padge Windslowe’s next court appearance is  13 March.

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