Police warning after three women robbed at knife point in Clapton

The location of the attacks is being heavily policed.


Police are appealing for information and witnesses after three linked knife point robberies took place on Thursday 12 January, between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm in Ashenden Road, E5 and Glyn Road, E5.

On all three occasions, the robbers targeted lone females forcing them to hand over their hand bags containing bank cards and mobile phones.

The suspect is described as a black male, 16-17 years old, and approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall with stubble on his face. He spoke with a London accent. He was wearing a dark blue hooded top, with the hood up and grey tracksuit bottoms.

Anyone with information is asked to contact DC Michelle Savage, from Hackney’s Robbery Squad on 0207 275 3232 quoting crime reference number 4600937/12. To remain anonymous please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

DS Colin Hill, from Hackney’s Robbery Squad, said. “In light of these attacks, I have a number of officers investigating this case and the location of the attacks will be heavily policed. I would like to remind residents that when you are out try to stay in well lit areas and if it is late at night try to stay in the company of another. Please ensure that where possible, all valuables are kept out of sight. We will do everything possible to detain this person.”

Robbery Awareness Campaign

Hackney Police are urging residents and visitors to the borough to take care of their valuables when out and about. This is part of a renewed awareness campaign to help reduce street crime. Our officers will be helping and engaging with school children to ensure they keep safe, especially as many of them will have new phones given as Christmas gifts.

As operational activity to tackle personal robbery continues, including increased patrols in key locations and pro-active investigations to arrest suspects, we are reminding residents of the simple steps that can help prevent them from becoming a victim.

When you are out, where possible try to keep any valuables hidden. Smart phones and media players are becoming must have items for many people – that includes criminals too. They simply see these items as cash.

We take street crime very seriously – being robbed can be a traumatic experience and so tackling it is a key priority for us and we are doing everything we can through enforcement, education and prevention to address it. We are asking the public to take some basic precautions to help minimise the chance of it happening.

Many robberies happen when people check their phones just after leaving a train or underground station, or when they are going about their business and may be distracted. Young people too, especially secondary school-aged children are also targeted – usually after school by other young people.

We’re not asking the public not to use their phone or media players in public: we are just advising them to be vigilant about where and when they use or wear them.

The MPS has also been working with the mobile phone industry to see how technology and software, such as tracking applications (apps) can help reduce street crime. Many of the latest smart phones can access apps which can help find lost or stolen mobile phones. Lock your devices and utilise existing and freely available GPS tracking and location apps. This can assist police in locating stolen property.

We also advise residents to keep a record of their phone’s IMEI number: its unique reference number. To find out the IMEI number type in *#06# and it will display the 15-digit number, which can then be registered at www.immobilise.com

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