Hoxton drug raid: Over £1 million worth of cannabis


Hoxton drug raid in Hoxton after tip off

Police in Hackney raided an underground car park on Crondall Street in Hoxton and found 270 kilos of Cannabis with  street value of  £1 million.


Yesterday (Monday 9) plain clothes officers entered the underground car prk after a tip off from “a concerned member of public” and as a result of enquiries, a 31 year old man was arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs and remains in custody at Hackney police station.

In a nearby lock-up, officers found a large quantity of cannabis resin and herbal cannabis in cling wrap in five large laundry holders, two holdalls and several shopping bags.

There was also a set of scales and a heat wrap machine with extra cling wrap.

A vehicle at the scene was searched and a further block of cannabis resin found.

Detective Inspective Rhys Willis, from Hackney Borough’s Operation Bantam, said: “These drugs were clearly being stored to be divided up and sold on and this is a good seizure for Hackney police that has taken a substantial quantity of illegal substances off the streets.”


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  1. What a waste. I could have toked up for a month on all that.

    Comment by Jimmy The Junkie on 31/03/2012 at 4:14 pm

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