East London’s Jewish Culture: Bagels, Bar Mitzvah and Babkas

Food, films, workshop, walks and live music are just some of the events that takes a look at Jewish heritage in the East End

The East End is some times described as the cradle of Britain’s Jewish Community and over centuries, the cultural landscape has been a varied one and to this day is ever changing.

In 1880 there were approximately 46,000 Jews in London, but by 1900 this figure had almost trebled to 135,000, and most were living within the two square miles of the East End.

By 1900 many of these streets were entirely Jewish. To non-Jews, the new arrivals presented a curious spectacle – they spoke a foreign language, wore different clothes, ate strange-smelling foods and practised an unfamiliar religion. Many non-Jews were horrified by what they saw as an ‘alien invasion’.  In his book  “Living London”, GR Sims describes Whitechapel in 1904:  “It is its utterly alien aspect which strikes you first and foremost. For the Ghetto is a fragment of Poland torn off from Central Europe and dropped haphazard into the heart of Britain.”

Snapshots is a series of mini festivals showcasing the East Ends cultural melting pot. It continues this January with a focus on Jewish settlement in the East End and it’s continuing influence.

With an exhibition, archive films, a theatre premiere, a guided walk, live music, market stalls, family workshops, food, drink, and much more, the day promises something for people of all ages and interest.

Snapshots 25 January – 2 February

For dates, times of events please visit  Rich Mix



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