Dwayne Fields Launches his bid to reach the South Pole

Dwayne Fields South Pole bound

Stoke Newington resident, 29 year-old Dwayne Fields, is once again hoping to challenge the elements of another inhospitable part of the world – the South Pole.

In 2010 Dwanye became the first Black Briton to walk from the most northern point of Canada to the magnetic North Pole, covering over 400 miles in 22 days (of which 16 days was a race) across snow and frozen ocean, when he competed in the Peary and Hansen Race with an organisation called the Polar Challenge.

This Wednesday 7 December,  marks 1 year to go until Dwayne Fields attempts to trek 730 miles to the South Pole.

Dwayne’s hope is to complete the South Pole Challenge to see him crowned as the only African-Caribbean male in the world to have achieved a challenge of such magnitude, aligning himself with his peers who have completed both.

He told Hackney Hive: “I want to show young people you can be someone outside of the box; not everyone will go to the Poles, but there is a great big world of there to explore. I am from the estates of Hackney, if I can do it so can you and raise funds for an important cause like my chosen charity, the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust.”

He combines his work at the Dalston Branch of Barclays Bank with his studies at UEL, where he is in his final year  combined honors in Psychology and Third World Studies.  So proud of his achievement, his colleagues have press cuttings on the walls in the bank foyer.

The Official Launch at Sno!Zone in Milton Keynes, will give a taste of the arctic adventure in store, who also happen to be one of his sponsors. The giant indoor ski slope houses 1500 tonnes of real snow.

The event will be take place from 6pm on Wed 7th Dec 2011 and during the course of the evening, Dwayne will be joined on the slopes by well-known guests, with entertainment being provided by Sherelle (sister of Labrinth of Tinie Tempah’s camp), MC Shystie (rapper/actress), Lurine Cato (GMA nominee 2010) singing ‘Say the Word’, especially written for go-getters like Dwayne

Starting from Hercules Inlet, the Geographic South Pole lies over a thousand kilometres away (730 miles). Negotiating multiple crevasses, crossing snow bridges and an ascent from Sea Level to approximately 3,330 meters near the South Pole. With katabatic winds up to 80mph, temperatures as low as -40C, and the threat of blinding snowstorms, this is the ultimate extreme endurance test set in the stunning landscape of one of the coldest, driest, and highest deserts on the planet.

Jamaican born Dwayne came to the UK as a 6 year old. He lived in Palmers Green north London, before settling in Hackney, where he has been a victim of gun and knife crime.  He has  survived two stabbings and once had a gun pointed at his chest – fortunately the gun jammed twice – that’s when he had his “road to Damascus moment.”
The South Pole is the most extreme of all journeys.

Dwayne will be undertaking this with Polar Explorers, a highly skilled USA-based company.  “My sponsors have been amazing but I still needs more sponsors to be able to go and make history,  says Fields.”

The is a free event, however attendees need to print a ticket on http://dwaynefieldssouthpole1.eventbrite.co.uk , there will be opportunities to donate on the night.

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