An Exhibition: When I Was 12 I Was Possessed by a Demon

A close up of my wallpapered wall - Amy Gwatkin

Dazed and Confused photographer Amy Gwatkin, has spent two years taking pictures of naked men with bags over their heads.

She says: “I felt that after two years I’d become disgusted and exhausted with nudity, sex, sexuality, exhibitionism and all that.”

She has now delved further into her past to consider the embryonic beginnings of an adult obsession.

On Thursday 10th November Gwatkin and fellow artists Bella Fenning and Anna Leader launched their third annual exhibition “67 Consequences” at Sixty Seven A Gallery, Dalston Lane.

They present three very different collections of work, covering a full spectrum of expression: through exhibitionism, voyeurism, introspection, chaos and calm.

Exploring her ‘demonic’, pre-teen self, Gwatkin collages old family photographs, a young, topless Keanu Reeves poster and an installation piece of her getting drunk aged twelve.

Unsettling as the sight is, Gwatkin admits: “I couldn’t bring myself to show the worst bits.”
Bella Fenning’s films have featured in several festivals including London Short Film Festival at the ICA and London music event, Stag and Dagger.

She has exhibited at various galleries, including Alexandra Palace and Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery.
Her eclectic corner includes self-portraits as ‘Andy Warhol’s Wife’ in a kitsch selection of wigs and thick-rimmed glasses.

As a photographer, she says, she is always behind the lens so self-portraiture was a novel experience.
These juxtapose against collections of memorabilia from two unknown contributors, including photos by an anonymous woman’s ex-boyfriend (his own ‘self-portraits.’)

Photographer and painter, Anna Leader takes a calmer, more minimalist approach in vivid shots of her grandmother’s home- all devoid of people.

Exploring memory and with it, identity, Leader’s images employ simple but strikingly evocative colours.
Alongside these photos, she combines textiles and paintings in a multi-faceted expression of her Jewish ancestry and the roles played by religious faith.

67 Consequences is open until 17th November by appointment only:

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