Tension mounts in Enfield

A vandalized police car in Enfield Town Centre

Police are already gearing up for trouble in Enfield tonight. BBC reporter Tara Walsh who is visiting family in Enfield tweeted on micro blogging site Twitter, that she saw teenagers with their faces covered.  While taking pictures she was told they would come to her house if she continued.

Later she sent another tweet saying: “Riot police have arrived but looks like all rioters have got away- way too late although this has been in the cards”.

Met Police Commander Adrian Hanstock confirmed they were aware of the Twitter reports.

“We are aware of various reports on social media networks of further disorder being planned and any intelligence will be assessed and actioned,” he said.

“A policing operation is in place across London and local officers are on the streets in Tottenham.”

Enfield is a neighbouring borough to Haringey, where  the Tottenham disturbance kicked off last night.

Smashed: HMV Enfield town centre. Photo: @jessbevan

Inside HMV Enfield town centre. Photo: @DAVEY_DIZZLE



Police road-block on the way into Enfield Town at the junction of Windmill Hill. Photo: @Ben_Maloney


Police arrest a child in Enfield. Photo: @Yiannimize

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