Lawless Tottenham: Looting and burning spreads

Allied Carpet Store Tottenham in flames

It started outside Tottenham police station with thugs burning police vehicles and soon moved to nearby stores, residences above them and a London Transport bus.

The local Tottenham Aldi wasn't spared


Burned out double decker bus

Burned police van in Tottenham

It moved on to the nearby retail centre In Tottenham Hale that houses stores like Comet, B&Q, Next, Argos, Asda Living, O2 and PC World where looters smashed and grabbed.. A caller into LBC Radio host Nick Margerisson said he saw a woman pull her car up to the PC world, ran in and came out with a trolley full of goods, which she piled into her car and drove off, barely able to see through her back window.

The lawlessness moved on to nearby Wood Green High Road, home to the Wood Green Shopping City mall where they looted shops along the high road. Worst affected were JD Sports, O2, Body Shop, T-Mobile, HMV, Boots and Carphone Warehouse.

Smashed: Body Shop Wood Green. Photo: Andrew Neilson

Burned: A parked car in Wood Green

Smashed: T-Mobile Photo: Andrew Neilson

Looted: Not even the Mannequins were spared. Photo: Andrew Neilson


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