Dalston and Stoke Newington Turkish Shopkeepers keep rioters at bay

Stand off

Last night, Turkish and kurdish shopkeepers along Kingsland High Road and in Stoke Newington wasn’t having any of it, when confronted by rioters trying to gain access to their shops. They took them on and saved their businesses after seeing the response from emergency services to riot hot spots.

It began at about 9.30,  within eyeshot of Stoke Newington police station and on a busy high road were police cars were speeding by every few minutes, and just yards away from where a 236 bus was fire bombed earlier that evening.

Aided by other members of the Turkish community, they loudly chased off several attempts by gangs of youths with sticks and any heavy objects they could find  including broken pool cues. Some times things got violent almost causing one of them to be almost arrested because he punched one of the thugs, but the Turks and Kurds prevented it.

Watch the video



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