Carlitos the Chihuahua has been found: Rescued from evil dognappers

Back home where he belongs

We heard from Liz today who told us Carlitos is now safe at home after missing for a week.

After Hackney Hive reported the little fella missing last week, the site received thousands more visits per day than it usually does. It was also linked on peoples Facebook accounts and forwarded by email. Although there was little people as far away as Australia, the US and Honk Kong could do, thousands found his photos adorable.

According to Liz, they received a phone call to say he was found on Middleton Road –  near where she lives.  Middleton Road was also where someone had spotted him the day of his disappearance.

She arranged to meet the people who had him in the Morning Lane Tesco parking lot at about 9pm last night.   Describing the women who had him as East Asian looking, Liz went on to give a blow by blow account of the encounter;  “They tried to drive off saying they wanted more reward money. My friend stuck her arms in the electric windows while they where trying to drive away and I was banging on the window while Carlitos was crying for me, then the taxi driver got out from our taxi and said he’d smash their windows and they gave him back, grabbed the money and sped off.  So awful. We were all very shaken up.

“I’m so happy to have him back! He seems like he’s not been eating properly and was ravenous when he got home.”

So folks, let this be a warning when arranging to pick up a lost dog from anyone who demands or expects a reward.  Be on guard.

One other thing, there seems to be a fair amount of dogs going missing from London Fields lately. Keep a close eye on yours when out and about.

Happy ending


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