Child abduction in Upper Clapton – family chase alleged kidnappers

Residents gather outside the Cost Cutter store on the corner of Mount Pleasant and Theydon Rd


People along Mount Pleasant Hill in Upper Clapton were startled this evening at 7:15  when threy saw a 4 x 4 being chased by another car.

What appears to be a domestic incident involving a young child and various family members, is still unfolding and police are still trying to piece together what took place. They were able to confirm the child was female.

One witness who saw it unfold said: “There was a black  four wheel vehicle speeding down Mount Pleasant Hill towards the river.  A witness who lives nearby told Hackney Hive: “I saw a speeding black four wheel type vehicle  zooming down Mount Pleasant Hill and being chased by  two or three other cars and when it had to stop because of another car blocking it. One man was shouting, ‘they’ve got my daughter, they’ve got my daughter’. Some of them had turbans on and I heard one of them mention the words Punjab and passport.

“At one point there seemed to be several cars ramming each other. The black four wheeler was trying to get away and ramming cars behind and infront…it looked like those chasing was also ramming.

One of the cars involved

“One burly looking man who I presume was a relative of the little girl made contact with the driver of the four wheeler after they managed to break the side windows, but where unable to pull him out.  It was the most shocking thing I’d ever seen”.

A license plate believed to belong to the alleged abductors vehicle, fell of as it sped away. Police say the girl has since being located.

Story developing.

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