Burst water main Floods Northwold Road Upper Clapton

Flooding in Northwold Road between Fountayne and Durlston Rd, from a burst mains. Photot: www.twitter.com/Shmeelitche

Around 20 homes along Northwold Road have been evacuated following a burst water main, and fire fighters are helping residents to prevent water entering other buildings by using sandbags. Homes affected are between Fountayne and Durlston Rd.

More damage along Northwold Road Photo: Rich Holman

A spokeswoman for Thames Water said: “We have shut the 30-inch main to prevent any more water escaping and are doing everything we can to protect people’s homes.

“We are really sorry to those affected and our loss adjusters are on the way to deal with anyone who’s home has been flooded.”

They also posted on twitter: “Customers in N16 and E5 may have low pressure/no water due to a burst pipe on Northwold Road. Will update as soon as I’ve more info.”

The flood is said to have began around 1:54 pm

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Photo: Rich Holman

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