Someone is shooting our cats in Stoke Newington

Prune doing what she does best. Photo courtesy of Debora Robertson. (click to enlarge)

When Debora Robertson returned to her Stoke Newington home on Monday morning (9th May), from walking her dog Barney, she found her 8 month old kitten Prune laying on a sofa. After picking her up she noticed how lethargic Prune was, and her first thought was her kitten had eaten something toxic, but on closer inspection noticed a puncture wound in the kittens side .

Ms Robertson, a food writer and editor said: “I was immediately concerned she’d been shot and took her to the vets. Her sister, Dixie had been shot 6 weeks ago, though the bullet just grazed her side and went into her tail so it wasn’t anything as damaging and took her to the vets.

“She had internal bleeding, was in severe shock with very low blood pressure and her colon and kidney had been punctured by the pellet. They worked hard to stabilise her enough to operate and opened her up about 6pm last night.

Ms Robertson added; “She spent the night in the vet hospital in Hampstead where she remains – in a stable but still critical condition. She is very anaemic and may need a blood transfusion later. She is in a very poor state, but we are hoping for the best. It would have been very traumatic in a large cat, but she is only 8 months old and tiny”.

On Monday night Robertson distributed flyers to residents in the Rectory Road/Oak Park Mews/Brooke Road area, alerting them of a dangerous person in their midst and the cruel act committed.

Shooting cats is a criminal offence and is punishable by a fine of up to £20,000 and/or 6 months in prison.

At the time of posting this, Prune was still at the animal hospital, weak but improving slightly.

If you see anything suspicious or your cat is attacked, please contact:

Phone: 020 8721 2940
Mobile: 07879 486 802


RSPCA CRUELTY LINE 0300 1234 999

Or you can contact the Robertson’s at

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