Great Expectations: A Hackney Chronicle

Hilary tells her son, she thinks this may be the only chance they get to see inside the Olympic stadium. Photo: ©BBC World Service

Last year, a BBC World Service documentary began to chronicle the lives and hopes of people, living steps away from the Olympic Park. Earlier this month, journalist Nina Robinson returned to the large Clapton housing estate to continue filming.

She talks with skeptical and hopeful residents about the legacy of the games, and what impact they think it will have on them.

Some residents of the estate like mother of two, Hilary Wildgres who has lived and worked in Hackney for 20 years, says she made her 15 year old son take boxing lessons at the estates youth club, so he could defend himself on the streets.  She also considers if a recent community arranged visit to the Olympic park, would be the only chance her son will get to see the inside of the stadium.

Others such as Darrell James, is excited but worries about the widening  gap between rich and poor in the borough, as a result of  a wave of new residents moving into the less affordable regenerated areas of Hackney.

Also featured is Francesca Panetta, whose award winning Hackney Podcast has been exploring the different sides of Hackney for almost 3 years.

Two new installments of Great Expectations, will be aired Monday 28th March and 4th April, with podcasts available after.

To read more, watch videos and listen to podcast:

Great Expectations

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